Yanni Hufnagel Biography of a Basketball Coach

Yanni Hufnagel was born of Joni and Thierry Hufnagel. He is a Jewish and was brought up in Scarsdale, in New York. Hufnagel participated in lacrosse for the Scarsdale High School Raiders. His brother too was in the team, but Hufnagel was the captain. He was then expelled from this basket team as a junior.

He joined Pennsylvania State University for one year. He played as a defenseman on the lacrosse team. He then moved to Cornell University and attained a B.SC in Industrial and Relations in 2006. His education background is a long story.Lets have a look at his career.

Yanni Hufnagel spent a more significant percentage of his last decade preparing himself to declare that he is among the best young coaches at Vanderbilt, Harvard and finally California. In California, Yanni Hufnagel assisted Cuonzo Martin to save the 201 recruiting team that was selected by Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb who makes a pair of the five-star prospects. However, Cornell a graduate from this institute resigned from Cal less than a month after the institution revealed that a female reporter had raised accusation against him by sexual harassment. These are just allegations that Yanni Hufnagel declined and wholly denied them in public.

Yanni Hufnagel has initially stated that he would appeal the case to retain and safeguard his job. But he declined the appeal whereby some sources reported that he did this since he did not want to be a distraction. After his resignation, it had been reported to CBS Sports that Yanni Hufnagel had been highly approached for several job offers. But he opted to join the Nevada staff. This is where Musselman inherited a nine-win team, coached and also incorporated eventual MWC Freshman of the Year Cameron Oliver and was able to conquer 24 games as well as the CBI title in his first season where he emerged as a Division I head coach.

Tempus’s Co-founder And Renowned Philanthropist Eric Lefkosksy.

Eric Lefkosksy is a renowned philanthropist born in the U.S on the 2nd of September 1969. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He has a rich educational background from prestigious institutions.

Eric Lefkosksy attended Southfield School for his high school education and later graduated in the year 1987. He afterward went to the University of Michigan to pursue law. He attained his Bachelor’s in law in the year 1991 and later a Juris Doctor in 1993 from the same university.

After completing his university education, Eric purchased Brandon Apparel which is a fashion and clothing firm located in Madison, Wisconsin. His interest and passion in entrepreneurship continued to grow, and by the year 2001, he co-founded the InnerWorkings firm that specialized in print procurement services to middle-level companies.

Eric Lefkosksy is a well-known philanthropist who spends most of his time and financial resources on charity activities. In the year 2006, he established Lefkosksy Foundation, a charitable trust that supports educational and scientific organizations.

The firm specializes in helping needy children. It provides them with basic needs including food, shelter, clothing, and education. Lefkosksy foundation has to date accomplished its aim of impacting the society positively.

The firm has enhanced many destitute people’s standards of living. The trust has supported over 50 charitable organizations. He is also a trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital.

Eric Lefkosksy has also benefited many organizations with his philanthropic work including The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry based in Chicago.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Steppenwolf Theatre Company which is based in Chicago. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus which is a technology firm that specializes in the fight against cancer.

Eric is married to Elizabeth, and together they have three children.

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Ricardo Tosto Legal Profession

Ricardo Tosto is one of the best lawyers in Brazil. He is a graduate of the Presbyterian University with a law degree and a holder of an extension course in Business Administration obtained from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. Ricardo Tosto is currently working with a law firm known as the Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados. This is one of the largest law firms in Brazil. It is made up of the best of best in legal community and has very large clientele.

Ricardo Tosto started from a humble beginning and worked his way up. Helping tens of clients win court cases in time. He gained a reputation over time, and it finally paid when he got an opportunity to work with a big law firm. Today, he has hundreds of clients who seek his services every year. To him, the best things he wants is for his clients to get justice within the right time.

Ricardo Tosto has worked with the biggest organizations in country. Some of the organizations he has worked with include governmental and non-governmental organizations which are mainly in business. One thing he possesses is the self-drive. He does not need anyone to tell him what to do. He knows that his role is to win court cases and that is what he does.

Ricardo Tosto does not lose cases for his clients easily. He ensures that he is well prepared for court battles such that his clients can always be sure of a win. He has also participated in creation of laws that are being used today.

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Hottest Makeup This Season

Are you looking for extraordinary make-up this season? Looking for the latest and hottest fashion statement? This summer is heating up, and Lime Crime has all of your make-up needs for this season. Whether you are looking for a bold look to bring out of all your facial features or something simple, and natural, you will be able to find your look with Lime Crime. They have the highlighter you are wonder, the luscious colors of the eye palettes will make you bloom this spring. From eye liner to lip liner, they have everything you will need this spring to go on a hot date, party with your friends or simply enjoying a day to yourself.

It is very important when learning how to polish your make-up, that you master highlighter. This company emphasis highlighter, or powder makes your face glow. When it is contrasted against the sun, it makes your face so much more meaningful. The key is knowing where to exactly put the highlighter and making sure it is applied correctly. Locating your cheeks bones is very important, because initially the highlighter goes along your cheek line. In order to make sure the highlighter is properly brushed on your face, start applying from your lower cheek bone all the way to your ear. It is absolutely fine to apply it under your eyes and nose.

Following a nice powdered finished comes a lip color. This is for quick and on the go looks for maybe running to the grocery store, or even a movie date. Applying color to your lips helps define your look and brings out your inner beauty. Lime Crime has the perfect colors for the spring that will meet your needs as an individual. They offer glossy, stained, and liquid, great for wanting that versatility.

Former Israeli Envoy Daniel Taub’s Visit To Israel-Free Zone In England

Daniel Taub, the former Israeli Ambassador to the UK, ended his diplomatic tenure in 2015 and said his goodbye to the queen before he left. Actually, he was born in England but being of Jewish descent, he elected to change his citizenship and migrated to Israel. He eventually became its envoy to the UK. He used his early experiences and training in Britain to the advantage of his motherland and this resulted in the doubling of the trade between his country and the UK during his tenure. This could probably be the greatest contribution of the former Israeli Ambassador to the enduring relationship between the two countries.

Taub was born and raised in England in a family of Orthodox Jews. As such, he did not have a problem of migrating to Israel. By virtue of his being educated and trained in the UK, his entry into the Israeli diplomatic corps must have been just a natural consequence.

He admitted that he feels privileged that he is able to go to his chosen country to raise his family. But he discounts the view of his detractors that say he is just an envoy to England’s Anglo-Jewry. He still believes though, that England’s Jewish community is important and looks at his diplomatic tenure as very critical in building the bridge between the two countries. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jul/13/israel-peace-pressure-israeli

For instance, there was a time when he visited Bradford City during his tenure as Israeli Ambassador to Britain. George Galloway, Bradford MP, had previously declared in a speech that the constituency is an “Israel-free zone” and that no tourists, academics, good or services should be allowed from this country.

But Taub visited the city anyway proving that there are also some people there who welcome Israeli and what this country could offer. He went there by invitation within the community amidst tight security. After the visit, Taub said that he was surprised to know that there were different attitudes about Israel contrary to what Galloway was promoting. As a result of his visit, he developed the opinion that Galloway does not represent the real voice of Bradford.

At present, Taub is now working as Yad Hanadiv foundation’s Director of Strategy and Planning in Israel. He started his diplomatic work in the UK in 2011 and relinquished his post in 2015. He was educated in Oxford, England at its University College. He also studied at Harvard University in the Kennedy School of Government. He migrated to Israel after completing his studies in 1989.

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Fabletics Makes Issues in the Fashion Industry Better

While the fashion industry has been close to the same for many years, it is something people have had to deal with. There were no companies that were willing to disrupt the industry and that made some issues for people who wanted to shop for clothes they would love in a way that was convenient to them. Fabletics wanted to change that, though. They felt it would be a good idea to disrupt the industry and make sure customers were truly getting what they wanted. They saw so many issues in the industry and knew they had a solution for all of them because they were working so hard to give customers what they wanted. It all went back to being convenient and providing people with the things that would actually be able to help them. They also knew things would change based on what they were offering and that was a big part of how they were running their business.


Kate Hudson, who is one of the brand ambassadors for the company, has a lot to do with the company. She knows there are things she can do to try and help people and that is how she always runs the business. She knows there will be things she can do to make changes and knows that her influence is appreciated in every aspect of the business. By doing things right, Fabletics is giving Kate Hudson a chance to show off she is supportive of customers. She knows what they need and isn’t afraid to give them various options depending on which situations they are in or what they are doing.


Since the beginning of their company, Fabletics has kept growing. Now, they are at an important point in their business. They are finally able to take on Amazon with the things they have to offer. They are going to compete against one of the biggest online retailers in the world and they hope to win.


As the company goes up against Amazon, they are prepared with many different shopping options. One of the things they are going to use that is far different from Amazon is the reverse shopping method. With the reverse showroom method, customers don’t have to spend hours looking for clothes they want. Fabletics only shows them the clothes that fit their needs and it works as a customized experience for everyone who wants to shop for the clothes.

The Great Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is an avid surgery and medicine practitioner of Georgia and Florida. His history of experiences and accomplishments hold truth to his sheer passion and dedication to his craft and through his intelligent business decisions, he has succeeded very well as a doctor, starting with his will to pursue his passions and the attitude of never quitting.

Dr. Mark McKenna completed his medical training in his hometown of New Orleans, La at Tulane University Medical School. He would be an inspiration to his classmates and teachers and would be liked by many because of his incredulous intellect and likeable personality. After graduating, he would practice medicine with his incredible father who he would also go into business with and start a real estate investment firm called, McKenna Venture Investments. The two would grow an even tighter father and son bond, and while learning the real estate business from his dad, he would venture on to launch a mortgage lending company called, Universal Mortgage Lending and a title company called, Uptown Title.

In 2005, during the times when hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s business was ruined. Thankfully, through this disappointment, the kind heartedness and good-will of Dr. McKenna only motivated the doctor to participate in rebuilding teams specifically tailored for the efforts of Louisiana. Dr. McKenna didn’t let this disaster hold him back.

Dr. McKenna moves to Atlanta thereafter the disastrous strike where he would start a new venture. In 2007, he starts the extremely successful and glaring wellness and aesthetic medical practice, ShapeMed. He would sell the business seven years later to Life Time Fitness where he would then serve as the National Medical Director. After two years in this position, he would see a bigger vision for himself. Dr. McKenna would exercise is experiences and successes, over the course of his career, and become the CEO and Founder of the medical aesthetic company, OVME.

Dr. McKenna is a dedicated doctor and businessman with a thriving nature that works wonders in leading to his successes. Through his educational pursuits, real estate career and medical excellence, Dr. McKenna is definitely the admired type with the right secret sauce to influence the future of America. What is next for Dr. Mark McKenna?


What Is Next For Whitney Wolfe?

Dating apps are serious big business and we can see their impact on our lives every day. You don’t need to look far to understand how important they are to the way that we form relationships in the modern day. The current rising star of this world is Bumble. It’s creator Whitney Wolfe Herd has recently made it clear that she wants this platform to emerge as one of the most prominent examples of how technology can help empower women and why the tech industry needs yo think up a new direction for itself. You’ll find plenty of inspiration just by looking at how far Bumble has come in such little time.

The most amazing thing about Bumble is that all interactions between men and women start with women making the first move. This is something that you won’t see in many other apps but it makes things so much better for the users. Young people like this new way of doing things and it opens up a dynamic that society in general would do better to copy. Wolfe made Bumble with the purpose of profit, but there is so much more to the story than that. She wanted it to stand out as a feminist statement of her values. She only needs to wait long enough to see it all happen.

You can use Bumble for much more than dating thanks to the addition of other features. The social media and business aspects of app are going to prove to be a serious hit with people as they expand their expectations of the app to include more of what they want. Wolfe knows that the key to success in social media is to provide people with just about everything that they could want. If they want to make friends or find a mentor, that’s exactly what they’ll get out of this app. The other dating apps are not expanding in this way so it becomes clear why they aren’t succeeding.

Whitney Wolfe Herd isn’t even 30 and she has managed to make herself one of the most well respected and prominent CEOs in country. You can’t go anywhere without hearing about Bumble and you can certainly see where things are headed from here. The dating app world has changed our world in ways we can’t even understand yet. Fortunately, Wolfe understood this well enough and made her empire from it.

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The Treatment Of Cancer

Doctors have designed many treatments for cancer, and they choose a treatment based on the condition of the patient, what type of cancer they have, and the cancer’s stage. Doctors typically implement serveral different strategies at once to treat cancer patients. The following types of treatments for cancer are commonly used:

  • Surgery (aimed at removing the tumor(s)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Treatment
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy

All of these therapies have been proven to be effective through clinical studies.

Other Cancer Therapies:

There are no effective cures or treatments for cancer in alternative medicine, but some alternative therapies can reduce pain and side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer treatment often causes significant side effects, but conventional medical care always required for survival. These are some of the most common alternative treatments that are used alongside conventional medicine for cancer patients:

  • Herbal therapies
  • Homeopathy
  • Mind-body medicine
  • Accupressure
  • Accupuncture
  • Diet Plans

The Importance Of Social Support

Cancer patients with a strong social support system often find that it is easier to cope with symptoms. In addition, a support system can help cancer patients to take steps towards recovery.

The Benefits Of Spiritual Beliefs:

Spiritual practices often help patients to feel better. Many patients find that their spiritual beliefs can reduce their levels of anxiety. As a result, cancer patients who have spiritual beliefs should regularly attend services and engage in other practices associated with their religion.

DREAMers Are Alarmed About the Future of DACA

The DACA program is designed to help children of undocumented immigrants. It helps those children stay in the country, get a social security number, and get a work visa. It also helps them get an education. This way, they can advance and succeed in life. However, there is bad news. Extremists in the GOP party are trying to shut down the DACA program. This is causing shock waves among the immigrant community and their children. Many are in peril of having their lives overturned.

The Texas Attorney General sent a letter to the Trump Administration threatening legal action if they did not repeal the DACA program. Nine other attorneys general and a governor, all from Republican states, also signed this letter. Although they are not encouraging an abrupt halt to the DACA program, they are still encouraging the Trump administration to slowly phase off the DACA program.

DREAMers have been worried about this possibility for a long time. Their worry only increased when the Hispanic Caucus met with then Homeland Secretary John Kelly. John Kelly said that the DACA program is in danger of being repealed by the Trump Administration and the Republican government. This means that over 800,000 students and children are in danger of having their lives overturned.

The DACA program does not just help immigrant children. It helps the entire United States and the entire economy. 95% of DACA participants are contributing to society. They are either students who study or workers who work. They purchase cars and houses and contribute to the economy. During the five years that DACA has been in existence, it has become clear that the DACA program only benefits the United States.

There are many activists and organizations that are fighting to keep DACA in place. One of those organizations is the Frontera Fund. The Frontera Fund was launched after an incident with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Their goal is to protect the rights of everyone, including immigrants. They fight for civil rights, freedom, and democracy. They have done a lot of good.