Jacob Gottlieb Altium

The sector of the healthcare investment industry has made some of the transformations. This has been called the titan in the field of healthcare investing. The MD and the CFA, Jacob Gottlieb, who is also one of the successful business people have made a move to venture into the field which in this matter is called the Altium Capital. The investment of the healthcare by Jacob has been set in the city of New York. The main area that the companies have concentrated is establishing the basis for the investment opportunities and nurturing the success of the healthcare industry. Gottlieb has been keen on the enterprises that give important matters of medical treatment.

Some few of the investment that has been made by the Altium Capital are Oramed Pharmaceuticals and the Oragenics. The financing of the Altium was at the percentage of 5.61 based on the stake that was channeled to the Oramed to promote the projects of the diabetes treatment for the patients who were receiving the injectable drugs. The innovation carried out was successful, and the patients currently are receiving ingestible insulin that is informed of the capsule. Oramed has placed itself at the better scene of the matters of research through the expert team that carries out research and delivers the right content on the side of the clients. The company has been at the peak of research and innovation in the pharmaceutical world. Through the effort of the management of the company, it has also supported a lot of the scientific projects across.

The head office of the company is located in Dublin, Ireland. Amarin has been growing gradually in the circle of innovation of the pharmaceutical stuff. This is the move that has been lauded by many of the scientists. The dedication of the management has been attributed to the significant success that has been seen in the company.

Reasons Why Matthew Fleeger is an Important Figure in Oil and Gas Exploration Industry

Matthew Fleeger is one of the people that are keen on stabilizing the oil prices in the world. It is an economic fact that oil prices have always influenced the market prices of different goods and therefore having a more vibrant oil and gas industry is one-step to a better economy. It is therefore through Gulf Coast Western that he has been able to be one of the people that are initiating a change in exploration and mining of oil and gas in different areas within the USA. Since Matthew Fleeger is a visionary leader and a CEO, he has been able to bring different entities on board and therefore to make the process effective and profitable.

One of the key areas where Matthew Fleeger is keen on is the study aspect of this industry. It is an expensive industry to invest in and therefore every dollar in the exploration must be put to better use. Matthew Fleeger understands that not all-mining processes of oil and gas are profitable and researching exploration areas is vital. Besides, he understands that knowing which technology to use is one-step to better returns. In this exploration and study journey, Matthew Fleeger has worked with different organizations and one of them being Joint Ventures.

Apart from being a member of personalities in exploring and producing oil in Gulf areas, Matthew Fleeger is keen on improving the efficiency and professionalism in other different areas. He has been part of the tanning industry for some time now. Through his proper working strategies and his approach to work, Fleeger has been able to make this industry one of the most efficient industries in the USA. He is also keen on raising the standards in the waste management industry. With other investors, he has been able to make waste management a profitable venture in different states.

The Beauty of Looking Good After a Workout… Thanks To Sunday Riley

The brand, Sunday Riley, is well-known for its beneficial beauty accessories, an assortment of products that aim to benefit the quality of every aspect of the skin. The importance of skin care is vital for many, as a website based on physical care (www.sharecare.com) expresses how the skin is “the largest barrier against infection”. This is especially applicable to people who exercise and engage in intense workouts.

In an article regarding post-workout beauty necessities, it addresses the detrimental effects of post-workout sweat on the skin as perspiration after exercising (without proper washing) can cause acne and breakouts. Sunday Riley products are considered a strong recommendation for treating the skin in this manner as the article breaks down the many varieties of products that work well against skin perspiration.

Two mentioned products, Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. (abbreviation for Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil) provides proper skin treatment for keeping the skin bacteria-free and clear of perspiration, and the Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser refreshes the skin by removing “all impurities and make-up”.

Sunday Riley is known for providing anti-aging/wrinkle products that give the skin a lustrous look and the U.F.O. is no exception. Used as a daily product, the U.F.O. not only decimates discoloration in the skin by removing blackheads and prevents new acne from developing, but also acts as an anti-wrinkle solution, additionally drawing out fine lines on the face.

Whether its sweat, makeup, dirt or anything else that can clog up pores in the face and body, Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Facial Cleanser is a strong remedy to combat dead skin cells and protect the skin. The Facial Cleanser is treatable for oily skin. By removing the detrimental features in the face area, the skin is then exfoliated by the cleanser, giving it a smooth, irritation-free texture.

As mentioned before, the article discusses a recommended selection of beauty products that work well for individuals who engage in exercise and sweat, which in result adds congestion in their pores. Sunday Riley has established itself as a brand that acknowledges these issues when it comes to skin care, and thus recognizes the different ingredients that attribute to having clean, healthy skin.

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The SEC Whistleblower Program – What You Need to Know

The world is evolving every day. Thanks to the fact that we live in what is called ‘the era of technology’, ranging from healthcare to the automobile industry, things are evolving at a very rapid rate in many fields. This is especially true for the financial world. While technology may have helped a lot of businesses reach new heights of success, the fact that there are people who are using it for all the wrong reasons cannot be denied. Every day you would hear about corporate scandals that are destroying the markets. Keeping this deteriorating situation of markets in mind, the SEC Whistleblower law firm program was created.

There are a lot of violations happening among organizations that are looked over. That, in return, damages the economy. Since individuals who were witnessing these violations were not reporting them to authorities, Congress created the SEC Whistleblower program to provide monetary investments for individuals who were not hesitant in reporting the violations of the federal security law to the SEC. There is a program for eligible whistleblowers who are entitled an award of monetary sanctions between 10% and 30%. Employees who may retaliate against employees who are willing to report the violations, this program also prohibits such behavior.

So, who exactly qualifies under whistleblower? The term ‘eligible whistleblower’ is used for an individual who voluntarily provides information about a possible violation of the federal securities laws that has happened, is currently happening, or is about to happen. The term, voluntarily, here means that the information must come from you or your lawyer. This information, however, must lead the SEC to take action against the violators and must result in order of monetary sanctions more than $ 1 million. Although one or more people can be allowed to act as whistleblowers, companies or organizations, on the whole, cannot act as whistleblowers. For you to be eligible, you must be the employee of the organization you are reporting against.

A few examples of what can be the possible information that you might report are:

• Insider trading

• Abusive naked short selling

• Fraudulent conduct involving securities

• Theft of funds or securities

• Misappropriation of funds or securities

• False/Misleading statements about a certain company

• Bribery of foreign officials

• Manipulating the price of the security

• Manipulating the volume of the security

Steve Ritchie and the Diversity Dream for Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza was established in 1984 and has been in business for more than 3 decades. The company has fallen on hard times and is looking to rebuild their image. Customer opinion has shifted against them and their sales have been dropping. Current CEO Steve Ritchie has been working very hard in order to overturn and bring back the Papa John’s that customers loved. The campaign included a video in which they acknowledge the customer’s views and make the assurance that the views are helping them improve.

The video dubbed “We heard you” includes some of the negative feelings and thoughts expressed by the disappointed customers. Steve Ritchie also wrote a letter to customers expressing remorse for the negative remarks that have been associated with the company. In the letter, he highlights the various actions that the company plans to take in order to repair the company’s image. Senior management has been taken through a workshop on unconscious bias and the plan is to ensure all employees and managers go through the same training.

This will ensure that the company becomes more inclusive. Steve Ritchie along with the leadership team has also been on “Meet the People” trips to Atlanta, Chicago, Chicago among other cities in a bid to meet and hear customers, franchise owners and employees have to say. The idea is to find out what they think the company can do to become more diverse. In the same spirit, the company has put together a team of experts on diversity to help the company in dealing with issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

They have also hired experts to do a cultural audit of the company and who will identify things they need to change or modify. The company is also working on increasing franchises owned by a minority as well as becoming more involved in the communities Papa John’s employees live in. Steve Ritchie added that he was committed on a personal life to making the company leadership diverse.

About Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is the CEO and President at Papa John’s Pizza. He has worked for the company for more than 20 years in which time he has held many positions including owning a Papa John’s Pizza franchise.

A Guide To Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Are you generally interested in cosmetic surgery? Have you ever heard of a guy named Sameer Jejurikar? Dallas, Texas, which is one of America’s most affluent cities, is home to Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, and this phenomenal surgeon specializes in medical aesthetics. Dr. Jejurikar attended the University of Michigan and attained his medical doctorate. While attending this institute, he was a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. The all-exclusive Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital was where he obtained his residency. As of 2018, Dr. Jejurikar has put in at least 20 years of hard work. His clients list is very extensive, and he truly enjoys doing what he does best.

Dr. Jejurikar has been able to succeed within this industry because he has evolved with the times. This magnificent cosmetic surgeon is well-accomplished, and he is well-respected among a sea of competitors. Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is his place of business, but he has worked in a number of prominent medical centers in Dallas. “I love doing what I do because I enjoy the craft of cosmetic surgery,” said Jejurikar. One of his personal specialties is that he is constantly looking to make cosmetic surgery more safe. When it comes to Brazilian butt lifts, he has been at the forefront for making this procedure much more safe by working with other professionals of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Is there anything that this guy can’t do in medial aesthetics? Well, Dr. Jejurikar is a member of the American Medical Association, his work has appeared in the “Journal of Surgical Research,” and he has his very own skincare line.

All in all, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar isn’t your ordinary cosmetic surgeon. This man has been able to set new trends while providing consistent work in medical aesthetics.

Serge Belamant’s Debit Blockchain Revolution

For the past three decades we have seen an exponential increase in the size and scope of the information revolution. Massive amounts of data is being exchanged and our lives have been forever altered. The next big thing in the tech revolution is going to be Serge Belamant driven debit blockchain revolution. Serge Belamant and his company Net1, have developed new proprietary technology that combines the power of the blockchain with the convenience and ease of using your standard debit or credit card.

Net1 is poised to reap phenomenal gains from this growth. They are considered to be the leader in this new blockchain debit card tech from Serge Belamant. Indeed, they are poised to reap the benefits from massive free cash flows that they are able to leverage as being part financial company part tech company. If things continue at this pace, and the stock continues to be as undervalued as it is today the company will very likely be able to purchase all of their public shares far before the 2023 date. The sky is truly the limit for this new blockchain revolution.

Net1 and Serge Belamant have developed a proprietary system that reads blockchain driven cards on the go. The cards work with any reader that uses EMV/European Mastercard and Visa technology. Unlike traditional card reader/pos systems, the new blockchain debit cards use distributed ledger technology to read cards and verify transactions using the blockchain. This tech means that these cards can be used without an internet connection, central server, or any means of connection to the outside world.

The system runs on a battery, which means merchants will be able to process transactions anywhere in the world- even places that don’t have electricity readily available or a stable internet connection. At the end of the day, this technology is liable to change everything. While cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and others may ebb and flow, we know the blockchain is here to stay. Big banks and wealthy corporations are investing in the blockchain and it will truly revolutionize how we do business as a global society.

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Krishen Iyer Gives Take on Email Marketing

The business world is continuing to become more electronic and connected than ever before. While this poses challenges for companies, it also creates a lot of opportunity for those that are able to react the right way. One individual that has been a pioneer in this new field has been Krishen Iyer.


Krishen Iyer has been a leader in the digital marketing industry for nearly a decade. He has a very wide area of interests, which has allowed him to provide a unique perspective when it comes to marketing and business development. While many people in his field are dedicated to making money, Iyer has been able to do well due to his desire to help others succeed. Iyer recently gave his take on the current state of the economy and gave tips for how anyone could improve their email marketing campaign.


Low Cost Advertising

For those that are not sure about going into email marketing, one of the key advantages is that it provides a low-cost form of advertisement. Companies today continue to seek out ways to cut operating costs. For those that spend a lot on marketing and advertising, using an email marketing system could be a great option as it is more affordable and provides a great ROI.


Allows Coupons to be Sent

Many businesses today use coupons as a way to attract new customers. Unfortunately, getting these coupons to customers proves to be a challenge at times. For those that use email marketing, the process of getting out coupons is much easier as they can be attached to the emails.


Information Access

Using email marketing is also a great way to get customer data. Customers that respond to the emails will provide a clear and direct source of information, which could help to improve the business.

Betsy Devos Fights for Educational Choice

Betsy Devos is one of the most polarizing figures in United States education reform history. She has not been the first to take on America’s education system, but unfortunately she inherited a lot of problems from previous administrations. She said as much during her address and first speech after taking office of the 11th US Secretary of Education. She stated that nothing that Obama and Bush administration had done for education had worked, including Common Core or “No Child Left Behind.”


Devos has been working in education reform for many years. Most of her experience comes from her work in Michigan with the education system. She proposed such legislature as “Kids First!” Coalition in early 2000s, and she supported her husband’s education initiatives during his gubernatorial run in 2006. However, she has been working to change education in America for many years.


She has used the power of philanthropy to support these goals. She also stated in an interview with “60 Minutes” and Lesley Stahl to state that people who oppose educational choice don’t really understand it. So what is educational choice? While many will tell you that it’s public funding for private education, that’s simply not the case.


Devos has been fighting at the state level to get more states on board with educational choice. The program allows students to pick where they want to go to school, especially when they are zoned for a school that is in a failing zone. They can pick a homeschool program, magnet program, virtual school, private school, or charter school.


Of the new programs, Devos states that Florida has been the most successful. The state has the most educational choice options, and there’s also a tuition-based scholarship program. Students have to apply to get into the program. Devos says that this approach is what students need for a better education in general, and they have been making progress in other states as well, such as Louisiana.


However, Devos still has a long fight ahead of her, but she only has less than 2 years to make changes. While the Trump administration doesn’t support Common Core, education is still controlled at the state level, which means that Devos will have to work quickly to get more of her policies in place before she comes up for office in 2020.


Devos has also been charged with school safety reform. With the abundance of school violence this year, President Trump appointed Betsy Devos to lead the safety reform movement for schools. Throughout the summer, schools updated their policies and security so that they were prepared for students in the 2018-2019 season.


Now Betsy Devos will be working towards a better education for all, and she has the backing of a variety of philanthropists including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. The additional support makes it clear that Devos is doing something right when it comes to America’s system.


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How To Utilize The Help Of The AIA Professionals

Why Are Members Choosing The AIA Group

The American Art Institute is an artistry membership group that specializes in many areas of the field of artistry. They proudly serve a community of over 70,000 members. Each of their artistry professionals are given personalized attention. Their team of elite art experts focus on art, sculpting, designers, and architects. Their chapter AIA foundation is located in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find artistry from their members in and around the local area. However, their students have been able to get their art in front of professionals from around the world. Their CEO, Robert Ivy continues to serve the AIA with over 15 years experience.

CEO Gets Awarded Prestigious Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the highest honors that someone can receive. They honor people for their personal and professional accomplishments. The award was proudly received by Robert Ivy. He was able to be honored with the honorary award for his accomplishments in his professional career. Ivy continues to lend his expertise to the art community. His strong communication has created many new inquires to the AIA group. He was presented the award from his art colleagues in Mississippi. Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The legendary AIA group also offers community advocacy in architecture. They also offer artistry education for their team of members to gain a strong knowledge for the arts. Robert Ivy is widely recognized as leaders in the art profession. They encourage you to share your passion of art with the community through your work. You have an opportunity to be in an absolute learning environment with the American Institutes of Architects. Many construction professionals have been able to use their revolutionary design technology for many of their building projects. They provide leadership that backs the efforts of their art students. They strive to teach their members how to build a sustainable community through the AIA. Learn more about Robert Ivy from his professional LinkedIn account.

Visit his LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-ivy-143b741