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SEC Whistleblower Introduction

Whistleblower is a program designed to break the silence and report significant violations to Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). It was during the year 2010 that the Congress enacted Consumer Protection Act and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform “currently considered as one of the most sweeping overhauls of US financial regulation since the Great Depression.


Dodd-Frank Act is a reform program, and one of them is whistleblower that provides significant financial incentives and employment protection for individuals who report any possible violation of federal security laws.


Since the company enjoys a market-leading securities litigation platform, the Whistleblower Representation Practice is composed of a world-class team of investigators, forensic accountant, and financial analyst with state and federal law enforcement experience to provide unparalleled representation.




Whistleblowers program is led by Jordan A. Thomas, who is a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in SEC. Jordan played the leadership role in the creation of whistleblowers program during his tenure at Securities and Exchange Commission including drafting proposed legislation and final rules which were implemented. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Lawyers.




The rules of the program require SEC to pay eligible whistleblowers about -30 percent of the total sanctions collected as a result of cases where sanctions exceed $1 million or successful SEC enforcement actions. Whenever this threshold is met, it is also possible for whistleblowers to get additional awards based on monetary sanctions collected in similar actions brought by law enforcement and regulatory organizations.


Dodd-Frank Act also prohibits any retaliation by employers against any whistleblowers in connection with the reporting of incidences to SEC in under the rules of the program. Also, whistleblowers are allowed to report any possible securities violations if represented by an attorney.


Sample Awards


For instance, Securities and Exchange Commission claimed in ThinkAdvisor article contended that it has awarded $17 million which is the second highest to be issued to a former company employee who helped federal agency close an investigation related to financial services.


The awarded employee is claimed to have provided assistance and information which enabled SEC staffs to conserve time and resources in gathering evidence to support a case regarding a major financial player. The award was the second highest since the program began within five years. The agency has also awarded 32 tipsters more than $85 million during the same period.

Gloria’s NutriMost Testimonial Radiates Excitement

In fact, this company is completely unique to the needs of all of their clients, and uses their specialized technology to detect over three thousand genetic markers which determine how a person gains and loses weight. As a result, thousands are eager to try what so many others are raving about, and the positive testimonials further fuel that eager flame.

Meet GloriaThis is a woman who, after countless attempts at other programs, decided to blindly invest her faith in NutriMost. Upon her completion of the program, Gloria was anxious to share her results, so she took to YouTube. “I feel great; I lost 27.8 pounds,” were words exclaimed by the red-haired firecracker. Rejoicing in the fact that her friends have been complimenting her left and right, Gloria surely recommends anyone to try this program, due to the fact that their promise of clients losing pounds is kept. Her infectious smile and urgent message are hard to ignore, and, judging by the comments left on her video, others were ready to jump on the team, too!

Stephen P. Murray made a huge impact during his life

The United States has grown considerably since the early eighties. The stock market is up considerably, and families are enjoying a better quality of life. People rarely think about it, but the main reason why the economy has grown is smart investors (click the following links to read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M and Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away). These investors found strong companies that would employ hundreds of people and made major investments in the company. There were many players in this investment community, but one of the biggest names is Stephen P. Murray.

Stephen Murray grew up in the Boston area, and was a brilliant student from the start. He amazed his friends in high school with his knowledge and work ethic, and when college decision time came around he was proud to choose Boston College. At Boston College he earned a degree in Economics. Later, he would earn an MBA from Columbia University.

Stephen started his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Eventually, he was moved to MH Equity Corporation, the investment wing of the company. He excelled at the company, and when they were bought by Chemical Bank in 1991 he stayed on. In 1996, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Bank. Stephen became part of Chase Capital Partners in 1996. Eventually, Stephen worked his way up to head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. In the mid-2000’s, JP Morgan Chase had grown quite large, so it spun off several divisions. Stephen was chosen to lead the spin off. Thus CCMP Capital was born.

Stephen Murray left a major mark on the industry CCMP. He oversaw several major buyouts and made several decisions that helped the company grow considerably. In 2007, he was named the CEO of the company.

While Stephen made his mark at Chase Bank and CCMP, he also proudly served on several boards. He served on the boards for AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Vitamin Shoppe, and Aramark. He made a major difference for each company during the time he served on their board.

Unfortunately, Stephen Murray died in 2015, but he left an amazing legacy behind. Today, CCMP is an extremely powerful name in the private equity industry.  Stephen gave generously to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School, and Boston College. CCMP will be a leader in the industry for years to come because of Stephen Murray.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Get Affordable And Stylish Workout Clothes With Fabletics Today

Fabletics is an online subscription store that sells active wear for men and woman. Their goal is to make top-notch quality workout clothes for a top-notch price. Workout clothes are expensive and the clothes that aren’t expensive last only about a month, so with Fabletics you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Kate Hudson On Athleisure

Before I tell you more about Fabletics on Pinterest, I want to talk about their new line. Kate Hudson (one of the founding members of Fabletics) sat down with Marie Claire to talk about the newest addition to the Fabletics line. It’s called Athleisure. Athleisure is a line of dresses and swimwear made from the same material as your favorite yoga pants, I’m not sure it could get better than that. She told Marie Claire that Athleisure was designed for athletic girls in mind. The dress line was designed for date night. They’re easy to slip on and very comfortable. The best part about them is that some of the dresses come with built-in sports bras and these dresses, which will hold you in place so you won’t have to pull out your favorite pair of Spanx for these dresses. When asked about the swimwear, Hudson said she wanted to make women feel protected and covered but, at the same time she didn’t want to compromise their femininity or sexiness. Most of the swimwear is focused on women being active and are extremely comfortable. I think we all know uncomfortable it is to go swimming in an uncomfortable bathing suit. Kate Hudson and Fabletics have revolutionized the way we wear our little black dresses and swimwear with Athleisure. To read the whole Marie Claire interview with Kate Hudson on

What Is Fabletics?

Fabletics is an online company founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson. After you sign up, you take a quiz about your fitness level and what kind of workout clothes you prefer. After you’re done taking the quiz you get hand-picked workout clothes that fit your workout personality every month. You can buy clothes either as a guest or a VIP member. They offer a VIP membership that is a very similar concept to another online subscription site called JustFab. VIP members of Fabletics can save up to 50% on their orders and earn points towards free loyalty items. At the 6th of every month, your credit/debit card will be charged $49.99. If you can’t afford the charge or you just simply don’t want to shop, you can put it on hold for a month by the 5th and skip that month. You can also cancel your account by calling customer service number at the bottom of their website. VIP members can benefit from free shipping when they spend $49.00. See:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author