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I’m Completely Sold On My FreedomPop Services


I’ve learned the hard way to read the fine print when it comes to my wireless services because my last company cheated me in a big way without me knowing about it. Instead of sending me official paperwork through the mail, I got a text message as well as an email that stated that my prices were going to be much higher whenever I used data on my phone. I always disregard my emails and tend to ignore text messages from numbers I don’t know, so I learned about the higher prices when I got a huge bill in the mail for my extra data usage.

I didn’t wait to switch over to FreedomPop, and FreedomPop was my first choice because of the reviews that I read about them. I chose to read through a FreedomPop review because I didn’t want to be tricked like I was with the other company, but what I read was truly impressive. I learned that the company had some low prices that I couldn’t find anywhere else because no one else had the $20 unlimited plans.

The speed of my data was no big deal, so when my speeds slowed to 3G after I used up the 4G data, I was still very happy with the speeds, and I hardly noticed any difference. One of the biggest ways I use my data is with my GPS, especially since I like to travel the roads every weekend to go to new and unexplored places. I find that the many places I go to will still give me good phone service, which is not something I can say about my previous cell phone service provider.

I had recently learned about the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop, and I was all in and download the application as well as paying the five dollar fee. I couldn’t believe the lightning fast speeds at which I was able to upload pictures, videos, and download content on the Wi-Fi service. I could go to so many different places in one city and still get the Wi-Fi service, so I chose to keep paying for the service every month.

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Angela Koch, CEO of U.S. Money Reserve Becomes a ‘Huffington Post’ Contributor

The US Money Reserve is a reputable seller of gold, platinum and silver products. In particular, the firm distributes precious metals’ products, which are made by the US Mint. The company’s CEO, Angela Koch, received the honor of becoming a contributor to the Huffington Post. As the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Koch is responsible for every aspect of the company’s operations while setting a pace and culture for the entire organization.

Koch has an extensive experience in business planning mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, strategy, and operations. Koch purposes to share her vast understanding of how people can run successful businesses. Koch plans to use the Huffington Post as an avenue to cover various topics relating to wealth management, culture, business, and leadership.

An article named “Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women” was Koch’s inaugural post on the Huffington Post. In the post, she explores the majority of the notable moments and newsworthy moments in the 2016 Republican National Convention as well as the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which was paramount in inspiring women and female leaders equally.

According to a Youtube video, the US Money Reserve was instituted in 2011 and is based in Austin, Texas. The firm has experienced substantial growth since its inception to become among the largest private distributors of platinum, silver and gold legal tender products of the US and others that are issued by foreign governments.

The US Money Reserve serves a broad spectrum of clientele, which relies on the firm for their asset diversification with precious metals, chiefly in the form of US silver and gold coins.

The US Money Reserve boasts of an extensively trained team of numismatic and coin research professional experts. The team of experts is strategically equipped with proficient knowledge of the market to enable them to find products with the highest profitability potential for buyers of precious metals.


Higher Thinking At The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a religious organization that was founded in New York in nineteen sixty-five. The Centre was opened by Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein by the name The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The organization was predated of Yeshivah Kol Yehuda based in Israel, which was established in nineteen twenty-two. Following Brandwein’s death, Berg spent some time in Israel but then reopened the Centre with his wife Karen. The main headquarters of The Kabbalah Centre were moved to LA California in nineteen eighty-four, where it is still located today. There are, however, now more than fifty locations in cities around the world.

The Kabbalah was originally a tradition of Judaism past among only the most experienced priests. It was a set of mystical beliefs that helped to tie the practical law of the religion to the more mystical and spiritual aspects. The Kabbalah Centre still incorporates the old Jewish traditions but is not limited to only that. The organization incorporates aspects of other religions as well such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism.  The Kabbalah Center intends for the teachings to be understood as universal truths of the universe that can be applied along with any religion. Most of the root concepts of goodness can be applied to almost any religion. Rather than focusing on any particular god as being true or right it puts more focus on understanding the essence of god no matter what that god may be.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches techniques to reach beyond the small fraction of the universe available to the human senses. The progressive views of the Kabbalah Centre makes it a popular study among celebrities.

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The Views of George Soros on the Ukrainian Debt Crisis

In May of 2014, George Soros pointed out that the voters of Europe were dissatisfied with the way the European Union was operating and how the Ukrainian people exhibited their desire to associate with the EU. The desire stemmed from a need to receive some type of debt relief from its EU creditors and Soros argued that helping Ukraine would help all of Europe.

The original formation of the EU was for sovereign nations to build closer relationships for the common good of Europe, according to Soros. However, as the years passed more countries went into deeper debt, especially after the euro crisis. This transformation caused many countries to assert their dominance as creditors to countries that were their debtors. Ukraine faced a heavy debt burden and was on the verge of defaulting on all of their debt. The country considered the threat of default in an attempt to receive debt relief from the EU and the United States.

However, at the time Putin did not realize the assistance from the EU would easily place the spotlight on Ukraine and compare favorably to Crimea. The problem was the EU needed to immediately respond to Putin’s attempt to weaken Ukraine. There were big roadblocks in place because of the rules that bound the European Union, which limited the amount of assistance Ukraine could receive from governments in the EU.

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Soros argued that the EU should offer some type of “political risk insurance” to any government or private investor willing to inject capital into debt-ridden Ukraine. By offering insurance, Soros believed that other investors would follow suit and inject more capital into Ukraine, thereby stabilizing the country’s economy and opening up a promising market that would thwart Putin’s attempts to destabilize the country.

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