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Jason Halpern: A Real Estate Developer

From a young age, Jason had the desire to pursue real estate business. He was born into a family that owned a real estate Company. Jason’s family has been involved in the real estate business for 50 years, and they laid down the foundation and paved the path for him to succeed in real estate.

Jason Halpern

His unique experience and vision enabled him to succeed in the real estate business. Jason ended up launching his company- the JMD Development. JMD Company focuses on renovating historic and landmark buildings.

What makes Jason different from other real estate developers is his passion in historic buildings. He takes the time to build a rapport with the people living in the cities he is involved in. The guiding principle for the Company is to respect the community they are working with.

JMH Development focuses on residential and commercial properties in the United States. Jason is a pioneer in the development of unique properties in desirable places like Manhattan, Miami Beach, and Brooklyn.

The Company follows a process that involves strategy development, building design, branding and marketing of their buildings. JMH has a team of professionals that are well versed with the information on building and developing luxurious commercial and residential properties. They combine their knowledge and on-site experience to deliver high-quality service. Some of the buildings that they have been involved in include:

The Townhouses in Cobble Hill: These are located in Brooklyn, New York. They include nine luxury townhouses
184 Kent: The building, constructed in 1913, was the largest grocery in the United States. The building has been listed as a Historic Landmark. The JMH Company has converted it to luxurious residential houses. In 2011, the building won the Building Brooklyn Award under the adaptive reuse category.
70 Henry: it is a historical Condominiums that are located in Brooklyn
Three Hundred Collins: this is one of the most desirable residential buildings in Miami.
South Beach Starwood in Miami.

The Company recently completed the sale of 2901 Indian Creek Drive. The property was sold for $7.75 million.

In his free time, Jason engages in different charitable activities. Most of his contributions are made in support of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Centre which supports the open- heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and emergency neurosurgery. They also have equipment that caters for the burn victims, patients with life-threatening internal injuries, pregnant women and the children.

Through his Company, Jason has partnered with Global Water Non-Profit Charity. He donates $20,000 from all the contracts signed at the Three Hundred Collins. Global Water provides water to Ethiopia and Nepal. The partnership has enabled supply water to more than 650 households in the two countries.

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Real Estate Kingpin Adam Milstein Discloses Success Tips

About Adam Milstein

Adam was born in Haifa, Israel. He came from a real estate background, with his father being involved in property development. In 1971, Adam enrolled in the essential service in the Israeli military. He later joined the Technion, where he attained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. After graduating, he assisted his father in his real estate venture. He moved to the US, where he received a Master’s degree, in Business Administration, from the University of Southern California.

Milstein is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm that procures, transfers, and refurbishes individual and corporate properties. With his spouse, they run the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a humanitarian organization that sponsors students of Jewish origin. He also heads the Israeli-American Council, the principal Jewish organization in the USA. Adam is a member of several boards such as StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, and much more. In partnership with his wife, they provide free Hebrew-written books, monthly, to several Israeli families living in the US.

Entrepreneurship Tips

While pursuing his Master’s degree, the prospect of Hager Pacific Properties crossed Adam’s mind. He stated that many companies came to the college looking for recruits to hire. However, he felt that their salary offers did not equal his expertise. Some were offering much less than what an undergraduate earns. Adam, therefore, decided to venture into entrepreneurship, starting out as a commercial broker in real estate. His impudence paid off, and after three prosperous years as an agent, he became a fully-fledged investor.

To upsurge his output, Adam upholds three values; the follow-up, consistency, and persistence. He reiterated of understanding day-to-day problems and learning to solve them without external assistance. Moreover, he said that investors should not pay attention to detractors and work tirelessly.

According to Milstein, investors should not expect enormous success within a short time. For a venture to start making significant profits, it takes time and hard work. He attributed the failure of many start-ups to expectations of significant returns in a short period.

In conclusion, Adam reiterated the importance of follow-ups in the acquisition of new clients. He also endorsed Constant Contact, software used for managing multiple contacts.

Alexei Beltyukov’s Work Spans A Long History

Alexei Beltyukov has been one of the leaders responsible for trying to grow the Russian business community in recent years, and he’s also the CEO of Solvy, a software platform for solving math problems.

Solvy is geared for helping teachers not only teach math problems and equations to students, but also providing feedback on how well students are understanding the material.

Solvy isn’t just concerned with the end results of students getting the right answer, but in finding out how they arrived at the answer. Solvy helps guide students in the process they use for solving problems. Long before he joined Solvy Beltyukov worked with many other businesses.

According to Adweek, Alexei Beltyukov first was a doctor who began practice when the Soviet Union had a firm grip on Russia. When the Soviet Union fell Beltyukov faced a lot of difficulty providing for his family. He decided to explore other business endeavors and eventually he enrolled at INSEAD University’s business school.

Upon graduating from INSEAD, he was able to start his new career as a consultant for a private equity firm. He was given the chance to enter the business management field in the early 2000s when he was approached by a business mogul to manage subsidiaries for a big company.

Beltyukov started turning the subsidiaries from wasteful outlets to profitable machines by the time they were sold, and then he decided to start his own business. His first big company was Mechanicus, an automobile repair shop that started opening garages across Russia. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

The company did well up until the financial crisis of 2008. He later started New Gas Technologies, a petroleum manufacturing and refinery company. He became very successful with this company, and as he increased his business net worth he decided he wanted to help others succeed in business.

So he founded two venture capital companies, A-Ventures and Endemic Capital to supply funds for Russian startup companies. Beltyukov also works closely with the Russian government advising them on economic policies at the Skolkovo Foundation.

Mike Baur Advances Support To Startups Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur, since 2014, has been working with startups in the IT industry by offering them the needed support to advance to achieve their potential. His initiative that is fueled through the Swiss Startup Factory has helped many startups that held great potential to manifest themselves in the right manner. He launched the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and has been working through a three months incubation program that allows selected startups to enjoy mentorship and funding that is meant to usher them into the complex world of business.


He quit being a banker to venture into business and entrepreneurship and it seems his ideas have worked in favor of his expectations. The success Mike Baur has earned all along is as a result of the great support he has received from other successful professionals in the industry.


Business development

Although many entrepreneurs come with smart ideas, they lack special skills that can help them to develop their ideas into sustainable businesses. Many of those who fail to get the support of experts fail just few months into inception. These are some of the things the Swiss Startup Factory is working to eliminate by availing experts to support the young entrepreneurs through advice and guidance. To enhance the effectiveness of the program, the Swiss Startup Factory has also partnered with universities across the country to ensure there is sufficient supply of the needed materials. The business development support is handled in the accelerator phase of the incubation program.


Access to funding

Once the idea is verified to be unique and capable of expanding to offer great results, those who lack the funds to push the business to the next level are presented before investors, who also happen to be professionals capable of offering advice about the management of the business. The entrepreneur pitches and if the idea is selected, they are offered funding to run the business through its inception. The Swiss Startup Factory is availing many tools and openings for young entrepreneurs to make their ideas a reality.


Post accelerator support

The post accelerator support is offered after the three months incubation period elapses. This is necessary to ensure all the ideas that were shared during the incubation phase are included in the running of the company. Additionally, the entrepreneur may not be in a position to implement a perfect strategy, so professional support is needed to correct some mistakes before they escalate to disaster.

Hussain Sajwani of the DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani is the founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai-based DAMAC Group that is operating in more than twenty countries. Sajwani is known as a successful entrepreneur with three-decade-experience of pioneering enterprises. When it comes to property development, Sajwani is considered an expert is having sound knowledge of administration, finance, legal issues, sales, and marketing. All these factors play a key role in the success of DAMAC Group that is currently working on large projects in cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, Beirut, Amman, Doha, Abu Dhabi, London, and Dubai. Hussain Sajwani has a record of being a successful investor and businessman in capital markets and global equity. In several international and regional markets, he holds investment portfolios.



Hussain Sajwani is on the Board of several organizations like Bahrain-based Al Ahlia Insurance, Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Takaful Company, New York-based JUNO Online, and Muscat-based Majan University College. He is also considered one of the pioneers of Dubai property market expansion. In the decade of nineties, he realized the influx of people coming to the UAE for reasons like trade and business. As a result, he constructed many hotels for accommodating the incoming people. In 2002, he founded DAMAC Properties after identifying the marketing opportunity. Today, DAMAC Group is considered Middle East’s biggest property development company. The company has more than two thousand employees, and its shares are successfully traded on Dubai Stock Market.



Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have a strong business relationship. DAMAC Group and Trump Organization are working on new deals. Trump International Golf Club is one of their major projects where luxury villas were quickly sold, and an amount of two billion dollars was earned. Sajwani said Trump’s children are very much involved in the business with him, and Trump’s presidency will not affect it. The two real estate tycoons celebrated the New Year’s Eve together at Mar-a-Lago. Sajwani is involved in many philanthropic activities. Four years ago, he donated a huge amount to provide clothing to deprived children in every part of the world. It is believed that Sajwani’s donation would help to provide warmth and clothing to more than fifty thousand needy children.

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Development of Health Care Facilities in Brazil by Construcap

On the 2nd of July, 2014, Construcap announced that it would be undertaking the construction of a hospital in Sorocaba. Construcap was selected by the government of Sao Paulo through a Public-Private Partnership after being selected in the government’s published tender on The construction is expected to be completed by 2017. An investment of R $248.4 million was made to cover the expenses associated with significant components like the civil projects, medical apparatuses, surgical tools, information technology, furniture, and conveyances. The hospital will be built in a 37 thousand-square-meter area of the Sorocaba region within a 106 km distance from the Raposo Tavares Highway. This area was donated by the City Hall on The infrastructure will comprise of 250 beds in total with 96 beds positioned within the ICU and ten beds within the operating rooms. The facility will feature cutting-edge technological equipment like diagnostic imaging service, teaching and resource center as well as a helipad. Construcap will fulfill the responsibilities of recruiting and managing employees for the hospital’s operational and administrative departments for 20 years after completion at The state government will oversee the medical staffs and professionals of the hospital.

Bidding of this hospital in Sorocaba was accompanied by a second lot of bidding for the San Jose dos Campos Unit and the Pearl Byrington Women’s Hospital in the Capital. Governor Geraldo Alckmin declared that Construcap won the bidding for both of the lots yesterday on the 1st of July. After a total investment of R $772.2 million on both lots, the government still reported saving 28% from the expected cost, all of which it plans to contribute into all of these infrastructures after completion.

Largest, Prominent Construction Company, Construcap

Construcap is one of the highly preferred real estate companies of Brazil. It is acclaimed as one of the ten largest and most successful companies in Brazil. This company shows exceeding commitment to its clients through excellent management and prominent development in construction processes for the citizens of Brazil.

The services provided by Construcap lies within scope, engineering, construction and structured projects. This company has expertise with constructions within the buildings, infrastructure, and industrial sectors. In the past, the company had developed infrastructures involved with housing, airports, educational facilities, recreational facilities, railways, transport routes, subways as well as shopping centers.

Michael Zomber Loves Ancient Japan

History is a subject that many people love because they know it has so much to teach us today. Many people are aware that they can learn a great deal from history. Such is the case with Michael Zomber. He knows that the past is a place that we can visit again and again and come away with all sorts of lessons. Michael Zomber loves many period of history such as the American Revolutionary period. His particular area of fascination, however, is ancient Japan. Ancient Japan continues to be one area where he knows he can bring a great deal of expertise and attention. His work here has been about helping to show off this fascinating period to those who share his love of it.

Loving Japan

Ancient Japan has been attracting his attention ever since he was a little boy growing up. He saw how the culture of Samurai allowed for people to express themselves in magnificent ways that still appeal to people today. His particular focus has also been about understanding the world of the swords that were created back them. Such swords and armor are items he has long admired. It was this admiration that led to his own acquisition of such items for his personal use over the years. After realizing how much he loved such objects, he opened up his own business.

Dealing In Metalwork

Michael Zomber has been involved in many varied business over the years. His primary passion will always lie in the world of Japan during the Samurai period. In this period of time, he knows that people were able to make swords and other kinds of metal piece that still speak to us today, allowing people to see how it was possible to take metal and create something that delicate, elegant and amazingly strong all at once. His business has focused on this ideal, offering people around the world the chance to have such pieces right in their own spaces. Michael Zomber has long been a dealer in these types of pieces and has amassed a great collection of such items.

A Look At The Background And Career Of Attorney Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo for his undergraduate studies. He graduated with a bachelors of law degree from there. Mr. Fagali spent five years studying at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo from 2004 to 2009.

After getting his law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Bruno Fagali went on to further study law by taking additional courses in specialized segments of law. He studied electoral law and parliamentary law at the Brazilian Society of Public Law in 2008 and 2009. Bruno Fagali also completed a course on the law of the state at the Institute of Administrative Law in Paulista.

In 2010, Mr. Fagali returned to study at his alma matter, the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, to complete a two year course in administrative law. At the same time, Bruno Fagali enrolled at the Getulio Vargas Foundation where he also completed a different post graduate course on administrative law there as well. More recently, in 2016, Mr. Fagali has completed a course in compliance at the Getulio Vargas Foundation and another course at a different institution dealing with compliance in the pharmaceutical and health industry.

In 2015, Bruno Fagali enrolled in a masters of law program the University of Sao Paulo. His chosen field of study there was state and administrative law and anti-corruption laws. Bruno Fagali has also studied the English language at Mohawk College and the Canadian International College.

Bruno Fagali’s Career

The career of Bruno Fagali began at the law office of Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. There he worked as an intern who dealt with civil, family and consumer law as well as domestic violence cases. Today, Bruno Fagali has his own law firm called the Fagali Law Firm. It specializes in government and election law, compliance and anti-corruption law. Mr. Fagali also presently serves as the corporate compliance officer of the Brazilian advertising agency, NOVO Sb. As corporate compliance officer, he implements, oversees and creates the compliance program there.



Thor Halvorssen Stands Up For Freedom

Thor Halvorssen is a well-known human rights activist who was born in Venezuela. His father served as a Venezuelan Ambassador for anti-Narcotic Affairs and was a special overseas investigator of the Senate Commission. Thor Halvorssen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Political Science.

When Thor Halvorssen was just a freshman, his father was arrested, tortured and beaten presumably for his investigation into the Medellin cartel. He was incarcerated for a total of 74 days, but went on to have a successful life afterwards. Thor Halvorssen led the campaign for the release of his father, enrolling the help of Amnesty International. This fight sparked his passion for human rights activism.

Since young adulthood, Thor Halvorssen has become extremely passionate and educated about human trafficking, slavery, dictatorships, and any threats to a democracy. He has lectured at places like the United Nations in New York, the American Enterprise Institute, and Harvard Law School.

In 1999, he founded a U.S. civil liberties organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. He became the foundation’s executive director and CEO, forming coalitions which brought together varying organizations like ACLU and the Heritage Foundation.

In 2005, Thor Halvorssen founded an international group with the aim of being the champion of human rights, focused on freedom and self-determination. The Human Rights Foundation’s headquarters was finally opened in New York City in 2006 and its International Council includes many well-known figures and activists like Vladimir Bukovsky, Elie Wiessel, and Mart Laar. Vaclav Havel sat as the council’s chairman until 2011.

Thor Halvorssen founded an international gather of human advocates in 2009, the Oslo Freedom Forum. Commonly referred to as the “Gathering of Heroes,” this yearly forum hosts a number of activists, survivors, and experts in an effort to combine forces to fight for freedom.

He is also a patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, On Own Feet. This “centipede movement” is a Czech-based organization that helps create relationships between children in Poland, Canada, Norway, and the Czech Republic with other children in war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Offers Some Tasty and Vegan Friendly Recipes’s theory concludes, when putting together a nutritional meal, it is best to combine foods that digest well when paired together. For example, pairing a non-starchy vegetable, like Kale, with a protein, like Cashews, provides the optimum environment for fat burning and digestion. The Dherbs website features great recipes for creating the right food combinations.

Everyone knows a delectable day-starter is the trick to an awesome morning. Try Dherb’s Skinny Pineapple Coconut Smoothie, it’s recommended highly in Earthly Bodies review ( It is a mixture of Pineapple, Coconut Milk, Banana, and Vanilla. It smells amazing and tastes divine. The smoothie also features a winning combination for digestion, pairing Sub-acidic fruits with Acid fruits. Take a mini vacation in a cup every morning and don’t be afraid to add an umbrella! Prepping a larger amount of this smoothie will provide a few breakfast on the go opportunities.


To satisfy a sweet tooth while avoiding both dairy and carbs, prepare’s Raw Apple Pie In A Jar. It is said to be a holiday dessert, but apples are a year-round fruit. The second fruit, in this recipe is lemon and it is offered year-round as well.

Again, Sub-acidic and Acid fruits pair well in digestion so the Apple and Lemon come together in this dish in a way that is easy on the digestive tract. A combination of Red Apples, Lemon Juice, Raw Walnuts, Raisins, and Ground Cinnamon are mixed together in ten minutes to provide all of the deliciousness of an Apple Pie with none of the guilt. It’s a perfectly nutritious way to end the day.


From breakfast to dessert, the recipes keep bodies right and regular.  Get more for free on Pinterest which has tons of Vegan suggestions, or the official Dherbs Tumblr here: