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Andrew Rocklage: Sports Adventure Pioneer and Innovator

Andrew Rocklage is a renowned entrepreneur, attorney and venture capitalist who also owns two Sky Zone Trampoline Parks in Florida. Sky Zone Trampoline Park has become the go-to among all ages for vault gaming and sports competition. Sky Zone has replaced the gym as it has invented new and innovative ways to have a blast while getting a great workout.

There is literally something fun to do for everyone at Sky Zone. Just to name a few activities offered, there are aerial exercise classes, Dodge-ball competitions, foam ball gun battles and toddler jumping activities.

Andrew Rocklage and his team are constantly thinking up new and thrilling approaches to aerial gaming and sports. The facility is a number one party choice among children and Sky Zone offers private rooms for special occasions. They also provide catering options.

From 2005 to 2009 Andrew Rocklage studied at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst-Isenberg School of Management. There he earned an honorary Bachelor’s of Science Degree. Following that he earned the Juris Doctor degree at Suffolk University Law School. Due to Andrew’s acute business acumen he has had a highly successful and diversified professional career that has afforded him many career building opportunities. His vocational history is included in the list below.

  • Public Relations Intern at Major League Lacrosse: May to August in 2008.
  • Legal Department Intern for the Boston Red Sox: June to August in 2009.
  • Ticket Services Agent for the Boston Red Sox: September 2009 to May 2010.
  • Legal Summer Intern at Cubist Pharmaceuticals: June 2011-August 2011
  • Law Clerk for Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C.: May 2012-August 2012
  • Law Clerk for Avery, Dooley & Noone, LLP: October 2012-April 2013
  • Legal Consultant for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals: October 2013 – March 2014
  • Corporate Council for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals: March 2014-September 2015
  • Current Owner and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park

With the wide range of Andrew Rocklage’s knowledge base and occupational experience, he is considered to be highly regarded among his constituents, community, and in the sports industry. Scott knows no level of inferiority in anything he sets out to accomplish. His Trampoline Park locations in Florida attract hundreds of people on a daily basis, despite competition from other jump parks.

He and his talented staff are absolutely committed to excellence in customer satisfaction and continued growth in his acquisitions. Safety is paramount when performing jumping maneuvers and tricks. Sky Zone ensures that all of its courts have a trained team member nearby who monitors all jumping activity to help avoid any injuries or improper movement.

Sky Zone uses all of the most relevant technology and information in its operation and continues to add to all of its equipment and many entertaining things to do.

Cancer Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Clay

Based on a statistic that was recently released by the National Cancer Institute, nearly forty percent of all people will be diagnosed with a form of cancer before they die. This fact, while quite alarming to most, is one of the main motivators for Dr. Clay Siegall, co-founder, and CEO of Seattle Genetics. While Dr. Clay Siegall has received numerous accolades during his career, it is his latest endeavor that is making waves throughout the biotechnology industry. By championing research that is geared at the development of therapeutic drugs, Dr. Siegall and his staff at Seattle Genetics, have tackled the treatment of drugs with high mortality rates head on. What separates Dr. Siegall from his counterparts, is his willingness to utilize cutting edge scientific techniques in an effort to eradicate existing diseases. The newly developed antibody drug conjugates, based on initial testing, is set to change the way that we treat and live with cancer. What separates antibody drug conjugates from the myriad of other cancer treatments available today, is their ability to target specific types of cancer, treating them efficiently and effectively. Affecting nearly 70,000 people each year, Hodgkin’s lymphoma is one of the common and devastating forms of cancer that we see. The good news is that the antibody drug conjugates being developed by Dr. Siegall and his staff at Seattle Genetics, have had a high success rate in treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well as a number of other forms of cancer. Dr. Siegall recently began collaborating with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited for the development of ADCetris, which has had significant success in treating Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is now available in 66 countries around the globe.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall, has nearly twenty years of experience in the field of oncology biotechnology. Dr. Siegall began working for Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute in 1991 as the Senior Research Investigator, up until he co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1997. Dr. Clay is currently a member of the Board of Scientific Counselors for the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation and he has received the Pierce Award.


Using Securus Technologies to Collect Criminal Evidence

When my team of crime scene investigators are on a case, we have to be very careful about collecting the evidence in a way that is will help to put the guilty party in jail where they belong. If we take any shortcuts, we could compromise the case and a guilty party may be able to walk free when the lack of evidence crushes the prosecutors case. We were involved with a case where there was very little evidence, and the suspect was already in custody but could be free in only a few weeks.


As the case began, it became clear that the evidence collected was not going to be enough to convict the suspect. This case was going to go to the jury and they would have to make their decision based on what the police said versus the suspect. This suspect was so confident he would win the case, he begged his attorney to let him take the stand. Unless we discovered a way to get his to confess, this case would be over for the good guys.


Securus Technologies is the company that installed the call monitoring system in our jail, and officers have been using the technology to listen to the inmates when they make calls. The LBS software allows the officers the ability to listen to all the calls and to find specific chatter on a variety of subjects. We wanted to see if our suspect would say anything on the phones that could break the case. It was late one evening we heard him talking to his mother, and his brother was in the background coaching him on how to answer the lawyers questions.


As the brothers talked, they inadvertently kept talking about how they could cover-up certain events, while using information to distract the lawyer. Each time they mentioned the crime, they incriminated our suspect to the point we didn’t need any more evidence but his words.


The Meriweather Group And Sawyer Howitt

The Meriwether group is located in Portland, Oregon, and its company mission is to support and help entrepreneurial companies focus and grow into their maturity in the marketplace, build their brand, and coordinate all that comes into play such as sourcing of products and services, and manufacturing.

Meriwether also has an office in San Francisco which is run by David Howitt. The proximity to Silicon Valley is one of the keys to the overall operation of the firm as it helps to stay in close proximity to the newest RFID technology and its development. David Howitt, company founder, and CEO heads up the office there.

The call from the Meriwether Group is that the business entrepreneurs are the heroes of the business world, for without them our economy would grind to a sudden halt, dooming the rest of us to an inglorious end. Meriwether provides what it calls “accelerator services” such as the sourcing and brand building, along with other patented processes to help their clients succeed.

Sawyer Howitt, David’s son takes on the role of project manager and is very involved in all of the projects regarding the business development of the company’s clients. Of particular interest is the RFID system where avoidance of checkout lines and cash registers are the future of retailing. Sawyer also has a great deal of expertise in the production of Excel spreadsheets for the development of the presentations and the moving parts of innovative business designs.

Sawyer is also a spokesman for millennial entrepreneurs and speaks boldly about their opportunities in business and innovative ideas for successful growth industries. Meriweather is very involved in the emerging “new retail” movement with a heavy on reliance new technology and all of the ramifications.

Sawyer Howitt has accomplished a lot at a very young age, and he is a principle player in the overall planning operation at Meriwether.

Beneful is Full of Nutritious Benefits

A lot of people believe that dogs will eat anything. Dogs can be choosy. Furthermore, dogs enjoy eating some of the same foods humans enjoy eating. I tried feeding my little Dachshund different dog foods, but if it did not entice her nose, she would not eat it. Over time, I was sold on Beneful brand dog food because it has great varieties and different combinations of meats and vegetables that Prissy loves.

Beneful also produces grain free and wet dog food in addition to doggy treats. Beneful is one of the products of Nestle Purina Pet Care. My Prissy really loves Beneful dry dog food with vegetables and chicken. It is amazing how after eating, she rolls over and goes into a deep snoring sleep.

No wonder Beneful achieved the fourth most significant brand dog food in the year 2012 award. Beneful generated more than $1.5 billion in annual revenues that year. A Beneful company spokesperson defines the term Beneful as “full of goodness”. Prissy loves the tiny bites of mixed vegetables and chicken. Beneful is full of nutritious benefits. Even though Prissy is 7 years old, she is still running and playing as if she is a youngster.

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Beneful Products Available At Walmart

Beneful products at Walmart are priced quite well, and there are a number of people who will find these foods to be beneficial to their dogs. A dog who has been given the Beneful dog food brand will live a much longer and healthier life, and their owners will find that the brand is much more economical for everyone. Walmart has reduced their prices on this brand, and the article shows how Walmart helps owners save money.

#1: The Beneful Brand Is Varied

The Walmart shelves are filled with Beneful foods that cover a number of different flavors. Someone who wishes to use the Beneful brand will find that they may help their pets remain healthy, and they will show their pets foods that they are happy with. It is easier for pets to enjoy this food, and they will give their pets a flavor they love.Walmart sells all the Beneful products that any dog owner could need, and the company has connected with this brand to ensure that all dog owners may feed their dogs well. This company has done quite a lot to help dog owners serve their pets, and their various flavors and low prices ensure that all dogs are happy. Also visit :