The Fascinating Life of Douglas D. Haynes

Doug Haynes was born in Los Angeles, California on October 15, 1965. He is the son of two lawyers and grew up in a household where education was highly valued. Haynes attended Stanford University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. After graduating from Stanford, Haynes worked for […]

Randy Douthit

Randy Douthit, executive producer, and director of Judy Justice, a documentary film project based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is busy creating a documentary film about the life of Judy Justice. The film will be created by and for the people of Indianapolis. The story of Judy Justice is not just about […]

Citizen App Recap: How To Contact Safety Agents Using The Citizen App

Citizen App takes the lead on creating the “Internet of Citizen Safety”, which will include support for existing and new web-based apps. Through this “Internet of Citizen Safety”, citizens can contribute intelligence, receive alerts and raise alarms, and collaborate in real-time with their neighbors and law enforcement. In our latest […]