Alex A Molinaroli Made a Difference With Johnson Controls

Alex A Molinaroli has what it takes to help you have a successful career and top-class leadership skills. The American businessman is a retired CEO and chairman of Johnson Controls. With a 34 year career at Johnson control, he has helped the company rise through the ranks and diversify as a premium brand with an expanded presence in China. Here is his take on career moves and leadership.

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  • Strategic Career Moves

With a successful career and mentoring others to find their path in leadership and success, Alex A Molinaroli believes in some basic career moves for everyone. These career moves include;

  • Sales experience. He believes that gaining sales experience helps one become a good team member and leader with effective listening skills.
  • Taking the opportunity to become your boss helps one make sound decisions and manage a budget.
  • Interact with various people from various cultures to gain a global perspective and become a better team player.
  • Be a good team member and learn to work with others to achieve success.
  • Learning from mistakes will help you avoid making the same mistakes later.
  • Key Components Of A Successful Leader

With a successful career and experience in leadership, Alex A Molinaroli believes in some key components that make one a successful leader. These components include; Communication, authenticity, and valuing the contribution of team members. He believes that having good communication is key to achieving success within the company. Authenticity allows one to be true to their genuine self since it is a turnoff when people discover that you are pretending to be someone else. He comments that allowing team members to feel part of the company helps bring out the best in each member, and the road to success will not be a bumpy one.

  • Female Leadership

Alex A Molinaroli believes in helping women overcome the roadblocks they encounter in business. He is also an advent supporter of encouraging women to find their voices in professional settings. The former CEO of Johnsons control advocates for teaching the next generation of business leaders to remedy gender bias and unfair workplace practices against women. This will help leverage the position of women in business and leadership in the future.