Alexander Payne Talks About Five Main Points in Film Industry

Alexander PaynePayne works hard at his craft by being dedicated, but he doesn’t care much about how well he does as long as he succeeds in making great movies.

Filmmaker Alexander Payne said he lives by the quote, “The way we do anything is how we do everything.” He explained further by saying, “When I screw things up – which is embarrassing – it helps me think about other ways I am screwing up or could improve myself.”

Alexander Payne doesn’t want to learn anything about how to make movies. He wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. He does this by following a few basic guidelines.

Alexander Payne: Timing is everything! Arriving on time is the most important thing to getting and keeping jobs on a film set. He is pathologically punctual. Fortunately, he hasn’t had any problems on set. He has been blessed with great mentors throughout his life. You can’t get along without them.

Writing scripts is important for any filmmaker. Early in my career, I learned this fact before making any films because it was a big problem. As soon as I started writing scripts, I began to learn more about cinema than I did at the time when I was trying to make movies. So, writing is an important step for filmmakers.

Don’t let financiers or producers control your film. You need money to make a movie. Your budget should be set up before you begin shooting. Financiers may think they know what makes a successful movie, but they usually don’t. Stick to your guns. By doing this, you won’t make a bad movie because they wanted to cut corners.

Alexander Payne says never reconsider what you think you know. You’ll be disappointed if you change your mind about something!

Alexander PayneFilmmakers should respect everyone on set. They should remain open-minded and learn from every person around them. Listen to everybody’s ideas and opinions.