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Desiree Perez Excels as a Female Executive in the Music Business

The amount of influential women in music has increased substantially since the industry’s early days. Women like Julie Greenwald, Michele Anthony, Nicki Farag, and Desiree Perez have become some of the most powerful executives in the industry. Each of these ladies have earned a spot on Billboard’s 2017 Women in Music list among others. Greenwald was even named Executive of the Year by Billboard staff. According to Billboard there are more than 100 women heavily contributing to the future of the music industry.

One of the more lesser known women on the list was Desiree Perez. Her anonymity is largely due to her humble personality and private nature. Still, the Roc Nation exec has developed a reputation as a tough negotiator. Those who do know of Desiree Perez refer to her as the woman behind the scenes of Roc Nation and music mogul Jay Z’s other right hand woman.

Many people in the know attribute Jay’s smooth transition from rapper to businessman to Desiree. She has had a huge hand in almost every company Jay has started. She is one of the few people he listens to and trusts accompanying him to many backroom negotiations that she usually dominates.

She again proved how well she excels at the art of negotiations with Sprint’s investment in music streaming company tidal earlier this year. The deal is reportedly worth $200 million. She also played a major role in Live Nation and Roc Nation’s new touring partnership that is also worth $200 million.

Desiree Perez proves that women can dominate in a male dominated profession given the opportunity. She is a woman who takes charge and seldom takes no as an answer. And though it hasn’t been easy for her at times she’s weathered the storm and is all the better for it.

The life of Doe Deere

Doe Deere had always had a passion for fashion, makeup, and in being an entrepreneur. In her early years she sold tattoos to people at the age of thirteen. She grew a love for creating her own fashion, and even started a shop on eBay, where she sold her clothing. She named it, ‘Limecrime.’

Doe also fell in love with makeup. She used makeup and fashion as a way to express herself. She had a love for bright and bold colored makeup, but could never find what she wanted. She came across mostly nude colors and the typical makeup shades. She got tired of searching for the makeup she wanted, so she decided to make it. This inspired her to start her own makeup line. She called it, ‘Limecrime.’

Limecrime launched in 2008, and only two weeks away from Halloween. They first launched their unicorn liquid matte lipstick, which was a huge success, and since then the company just keeps growing. The creator of Limecrime, Doe Deere takes her work very seriously. She tries out all of the products that are made before launching them. She doesn’t want to sell anything that she wouldn’t wear herself. She likes to make her products super unique.

Limecrime has added many more products since the launch of their matte lipstick products. They now sell eyeshadow, highlighter, chrome lipsticks, fake nails, nail polish, and makeup brushes. Some of their newest additions to their brand is the new semi permanent hair dye. Doe really wanted this. She also has a love for unique colored hair. You can tell by her beautiful purple hair that she loves it. The hair products are called “Unicorn Hair,” and the dye has been a success. It comes in 26 different shades. It also has several different shades including, blue, pastel blue, pastel pink, green, orange, purple, and so many more. The hair dye is semi permanent but lasts longer and it has said to fade gracefully.

Lime crime is also vegan and cruelty free. Doe expresses herself through makeup, and she wanted to create a makeup brand that others could too. They were skeptical about creating an all-online makeup brand, but did it anyways and the results were outstanding. Other makeup brands even copied the online makeup store. Doe, had a mission to create a unique brand that people would love and use as a way of expressing themselves, and she did just that. Learn more:


Have You Heard of Malini Saba?

It can be hard for anyone to know about all the influential people that exist in the world. In case you’ve missed out, you need to take this opportunity to learn about Malini Saba, a truly influential woman.


First and foremost, she is one of the world’s top investors and philanthropists of South Asian origin. Her career began in the Silicon Valley as a venture capitalist during the 1990s. She has experience investing in major technology corporations, such as: Paypal Inc., Sycamore Networks Inc., and Netscreen Technologies Inc. She is also known for reaching out to those in need and helping whenever possible. Back in 2004 she visited the areas devastated by tsunami in India and Sri Lanka, as well as pledging $10 million to the victims. Again in 2005, she donated $1 million to help fund the world’s first Heart Research Center for South Asians in California.


Currently she is the founder and chairman of Saban, a private equity investment group based on California. The company works with technology companies in the United States, oil and gas companies throughout China, and even with real estate in Australia and India. The company got it’s start when she wanted to invest in companies and was not able to get into a VC group. With Saban, she was able to retain various investments worldwide.


However, Saba was interested in helping long before the development of Saban. Back in 2001, she started her own non-profit organization called “Stree“, which aimed to changed the worldwide views and roles of low income and at-risk women and children.  The organization was even inaugurated by former United States president Bill Clinton.


However, just because Saba has found her own success does not mean she is ready to quit just yet. Her day-to-day routine still revolves around getting business done and spending time with her family. Her day is filled with meetings and conference calls to different countries around the world, as well as dropping off and picking her daughter up from school. She claims that success, for her, is taking the bull by the horns and looking three to five years in the future, to find out what will be happening next.


U.S. Money Reserve’s Award Winning Marketing Team

The business U.S. Money Reserve has been a very successful company throughout its history. It now stands prominently on the world market through its skill in metal investments like gold, silver, and platinum. These superior skills, compared to its competition, are what make its customers loyal to their company and has driven them to be one of the largest distributors in the world of their products.

Recently U.S. Money Reserve was recognized for their success at the Videographer Awards. These awards are judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals and include twenty different categories. The entered companies’ commercials and videos are judged by this panel and then awards are given out for each category.

According to Crunchbase, U.S. Money Reserve was very successful in the most recent Videographer Awards, coming away with four awards out of the 1,500 companies entered. While there they won two Awards of Excellences for their infomercial “Testimonial Show”.

These awards were given to them in the categories TV/Commercials/Product and Creativity(TV)/Cinematography and are awarded to the videos that were the best in their section.

Along with this, it helps to showcase the high-end quality and competition that has made U.S. Reserve so succcessful. Their award streak did not end there, however, as they went on to win an Award of Distinction and Honorable Mention for their other piece “Pearl Harbor Show”.

This success there only added on to their previous accomplishments in filming awards, having just one a bronze last month at the Telly Awards for their piece “Philip Diehl IRA“. These awards also help them to gain customer awareness because people have started to realize the quality that U.S. Money Reserve puts into their work.

As of late, the U.S. Money Reserve has been able to serve over 300,000 clients due to the companies large operations. With their global stretch and products that don’t lose value from country to country, they are able to reach customers all over the world.

Along with that, couple those business resources with their marketing skills and it is easy to see why U.S. Money Reserve is one of the best in their market.

Angela Koch, CEO of U.S. Money Reserve Becomes a ‘Huffington Post’ Contributor

The US Money Reserve is a reputable seller of gold, platinum and silver products. In particular, the firm distributes precious metals’ products, which are made by the US Mint. The company’s CEO, Angela Koch, received the honor of becoming a contributor to the Huffington Post. As the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Koch is responsible for every aspect of the company’s operations while setting a pace and culture for the entire organization.

Koch has an extensive experience in business planning mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, strategy, and operations. Koch purposes to share her vast understanding of how people can run successful businesses. Koch plans to use the Huffington Post as an avenue to cover various topics relating to wealth management, culture, business, and leadership.

An article named “Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women” was Koch’s inaugural post on the Huffington Post. In the post, she explores the majority of the notable moments and newsworthy moments in the 2016 Republican National Convention as well as the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which was paramount in inspiring women and female leaders equally.

According to a Youtube video, the US Money Reserve was instituted in 2011 and is based in Austin, Texas. The firm has experienced substantial growth since its inception to become among the largest private distributors of platinum, silver and gold legal tender products of the US and others that are issued by foreign governments.

The US Money Reserve serves a broad spectrum of clientele, which relies on the firm for their asset diversification with precious metals, chiefly in the form of US silver and gold coins.

The US Money Reserve boasts of an extensively trained team of numismatic and coin research professional experts. The team of experts is strategically equipped with proficient knowledge of the market to enable them to find products with the highest profitability potential for buyers of precious metals.


The Life and Contributions of Andy Wirth, Squaw Valley Ski

Andy Wirth has been in the world of business as CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine, two great ski mountains. He left Steamboat in 2010 after serving 24 years to take up the post of President and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpineski areas, Lake Tahoe in California.

Prior to that, he was a Colorado backcountry ranger, where he was involved in lots of high angle rescues. Later, he went on to serve as a community volunteer ambulance/fireman in a small town located in the Colorado Mountains. Read more: Andy Wirth — KCRW

Contributions to Business, Environmental and Community Services

In his capacity as the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO, Andy Wirth has been working tirelessly towards making the ski area among the leading world tourist destinations. He is also a major contributor towards the Lake Tahoe area community and environmental service organizations, with a focus on enhancing the area to benefit all age groups. Learn more about Andy Wirth:
Following a near-fatal skydiving accident on October 13, Andy co-founded with others“Wounded Warrior Support.” The objective is to honor the fine men serving as Navy SEALs, through raising funds towards the Navy SEAL Foundation.

This organization accords support to members of special operations teams and their families once they come back home. Read more: andy wirth | POWDER Magazine

Squaw Valley Ski CEO Appears on CBS

In Episode 11 of Season 4 of in “Sqauw Valley”, Andy Wirthof Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows go undercover on CBS Television Network’s UNDERCOVER BOSS. This was broadcast between 8 and 9 pm (ET/PT) on Friday, 8th March. Learn more about Andy Wirth:


Recently, Andy Wirth was appointed as the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.