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Kate Brings Fabletics To More Customers

Kate Hudson knew that she had her work cut out for her when she made plans to open as many as 100 new stores. This is not something that any entrepreneur can take lightly. They have to be focused on getting the word out, and Kate has been diligent about getting the word out about Fabletics. She is a co-founder of this company, and it appears that she is ready to take this retail clothing giant to a whole new level with consumers.



There are quite a few people that are going to be impressed with what Kate Hudson is bringing to the table with Fabletics. This is a brand that she has been developing for years, and the physical stores are going to be geared toward those customers that are not actively shopping online. Kate has already managed to bring a lot of customers to Fabletics through the website. She knows this market quite well, and she is certain that her consumer base with the online shopping will remain loyal. What she believes, however, is that there are going to be a lot more customers that may have never considered Fabletics before the possibility of going to a physical store. This is the crowd that she is trying to connect with right now.


She knows that there are other clothing companies that have physical stores, and it becomes harder for her to compete when Fabletics is primarily dominant online. There are less than 20 of these physical stores in existence right now, and that is her barrier-to-entry when it comes to being a major clothing retail competitor. She does not have the physical storefronts in place right now to become a retail giant yet. She realized that this was a stumbling block, and she has turned this barrier to entry into a stepping stone with a plan to open 100 stores. This is all something that Hudson plans to do within the next five years. It is a bold move and a courageous goal for Kate Hudson to set for Fabletics.


People are looking at the progress that she is making, and they want to know exactly what she is planning to do in the long term. People that see how fast this company is growing can only assume that she is making plans to transition from acting to a role as the head of Fabletics. That already seems to be the direction that she is going in since so many movie roles have taken a backseat to the work that she is doing as an entrepreneur.


Kate is definitely doing what it takes to make people more aware of her Fabletics brand. She is someone that is taking on the challenge that comes with building a powerful retail clothing company that can meet the needs of many consumers. Kate knows that her customers are going to gravitate towards the brand if they are pleased with the products. She also realizes that this leads to word of mouth promotion.

Revamped fan clothing a touchdown for Pittsburgh Steeler fans

Pittsburgh Steeler fans have a lot to cheer about even before the 2016 NFL season kicks-off. They have the luxury of boasting probably the greatest fan clothing and gear of any professional football team. It all stems from the hard work and determination of one of the more well known figures in the fashion world, Susan McGalla.

McGalla is well-known for being the president of American Eagle Outfitters, as well as the CEO of Wet Seal. Susan McGalla has brought her expertise to the Steelers organization as the new director of strategic planning.

Bringing in focus groups was important in the process of overhauling the clothing line according to Susan McGalla. The groups were intended to have fans of the team become more involved in new and exciting ways. It sure has paid off.

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Women and men now have more up-to-date choices in what they can purchase from the organization, and they can do it with a new and improved website that makes their shopping experience for team gear quicker and easier.

Men and women have always wanted to support their team by wearing team clothing to work, but the styles weren’t appropriate According to Susan McGalla. Now, there is clothing that is “work-friendly”, with more choices for women in pink that helps them feel and look more feminine. Girls can even get clothing with thumbholes, which is a very popular style.

The Steelers even have launched a new campaign. Fans can take pictures of themselves wearing the black and gold merchandise for a chance to win a Steelers-themed wardrobe. Source: