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Hottest Makeup This Season

Are you looking for extraordinary make-up this season? Looking for the latest and hottest fashion statement? This summer is heating up, and Lime Crime has all of your make-up needs for this season. Whether you are looking for a bold look to bring out of all your facial features or something simple, and natural, you will be able to find your look with Lime Crime. They have the highlighter you are wonder, the luscious colors of the eye palettes will make you bloom this spring. From eye liner to lip liner, they have everything you will need this spring to go on a hot date, party with your friends or simply enjoying a day to yourself.

It is very important when learning how to polish your make-up, that you master highlighter. This company emphasis highlighter, or powder makes your face glow. When it is contrasted against the sun, it makes your face so much more meaningful. The key is knowing where to exactly put the highlighter and making sure it is applied correctly. Locating your cheeks bones is very important, because initially the highlighter goes along your cheek line. In order to make sure the highlighter is properly brushed on your face, start applying from your lower cheek bone all the way to your ear. It is absolutely fine to apply it under your eyes and nose.

Following a nice powdered finished comes a lip color. This is for quick and on the go looks for maybe running to the grocery store, or even a movie date. Applying color to your lips helps define your look and brings out your inner beauty. Lime Crime has the perfect colors for the spring that will meet your needs as an individual. They offer glossy, stained, and liquid, great for wanting that versatility.