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Jacob Gottlieb Altium

The sector of the healthcare investment industry has made some of the transformations. This has been called the titan in the field of healthcare investing. The MD and the CFA, Jacob Gottlieb, who is also one of the successful business people have made a move to venture into the field which in this matter is called the Altium Capital. The investment of the healthcare by Jacob has been set in the city of New York. The main area that the companies have concentrated is establishing the basis for the investment opportunities and nurturing the success of the healthcare industry. Gottlieb has been keen on the enterprises that give important matters of medical treatment.

Some few of the investment that has been made by the Altium Capital are Oramed Pharmaceuticals and the Oragenics. The financing of the Altium was at the percentage of 5.61 based on the stake that was channeled to the Oramed to promote the projects of the diabetes treatment for the patients who were receiving the injectable drugs. The innovation carried out was successful, and the patients currently are receiving ingestible insulin that is informed of the capsule. Oramed has placed itself at the better scene of the matters of research through the expert team that carries out research and delivers the right content on the side of the clients. The company has been at the peak of research and innovation in the pharmaceutical world. Through the effort of the management of the company, it has also supported a lot of the scientific projects across.

The head office of the company is located in Dublin, Ireland. Amarin has been growing gradually in the circle of innovation of the pharmaceutical stuff. This is the move that has been lauded by many of the scientists. The dedication of the management has been attributed to the significant success that has been seen in the company.

Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm is the director of Infinity group Australia. The company has locations in Bella Vista, Port Macquarie, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Cronulla. He has over seventeen years of experience in financial services. He spends his first decade in the big four banking environment. In 2013, he co-founded the Infinity Group Australia with Rebecca Walker. They aimed to offer better deals for Australian families. Holmes goal was to improve the finances and secure the futures of Australian families. He, therefore, focussed on a customer-driven approach which has since gotten proven results.


Holmes found there was a lack of advice, guidance, and ongoing support for families. Infinity Group Australia provides personal banking to help their clients pay loans quickly. Clients receive detailed reviews, performance reports and maintaining budgets to ensure success. The approach has been known to produce results since 1000% of their clients pay off their loans in the first three months in the company. Clients eliminate about $41,000 of debt with support and guidance from the group within 12 months. Infinity group Australia, therefore, offers retirement solutions, wealth creation, and debt reduction.


The Australian Financial Review’s list ranked the group as the 58th innovative company across Australia and New Zealand. Since its founding, the company has grown into the leading debt reduction company in Australia. It has helped many people reduce their debts, secure their future and improve their finances. In 2018, the company was recognized as one of the most innovative companies by the Australian Financial Review. What inspired Graeme to start the company was his passion to help Australian families and keep the banks honest. The founder has been recognized as an MPA top 100 broker and acquired the Customer Service management.


The success of the company is built on its commitment to the best customer experience. The company believes families have received the worst deals from various financial institutions. It has, therefore, moved a step further to fix this problem. The company has always ranked top on a list compiled from the assessment of over 1,000 Australian companies. The list is compiled and judged by Inventium. Learn more :