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Stephen P. Murray made a huge impact during his life

The United States has grown considerably since the early eighties. The stock market is up considerably, and families are enjoying a better quality of life. People rarely think about it, but the main reason why the economy has grown is smart investors (click the following links to read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M and Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away). These investors found strong companies that would employ hundreds of people and made major investments in the company. There were many players in this investment community, but one of the biggest names is Stephen P. Murray.

Stephen Murray grew up in the Boston area, and was a brilliant student from the start. He amazed his friends in high school with his knowledge and work ethic, and when college decision time came around he was proud to choose Boston College. At Boston College he earned a degree in Economics. Later, he would earn an MBA from Columbia University.

Stephen started his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Eventually, he was moved to MH Equity Corporation, the investment wing of the company. He excelled at the company, and when they were bought by Chemical Bank in 1991 he stayed on. In 1996, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Bank. Stephen became part of Chase Capital Partners in 1996. Eventually, Stephen worked his way up to head of the buyout business at JP Morgan Partners. In the mid-2000’s, JP Morgan Chase had grown quite large, so it spun off several divisions. Stephen was chosen to lead the spin off. Thus CCMP Capital was born.

Stephen Murray left a major mark on the industry CCMP. He oversaw several major buyouts and made several decisions that helped the company grow considerably. In 2007, he was named the CEO of the company.

While Stephen made his mark at Chase Bank and CCMP, he also proudly served on several boards. He served on the boards for AMC Entertainment, Cabela’s, Vitamin Shoppe, and Aramark. He made a major difference for each company during the time he served on their board.

Unfortunately, Stephen Murray died in 2015, but he left an amazing legacy behind. Today, CCMP is an extremely powerful name in the private equity industry.  Stephen gave generously to Make-A-Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School, and Boston College. CCMP will be a leader in the industry for years to come because of Stephen Murray.

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