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FreedomPop Saves Money On Cell Phone Plans

The FreedomPop calling plans that I have been working on using for the family are free or cheap because the company is committed to making prices as low as possible. They are going to give people the free plans they need if they cannot afford a plan at all, and they will make it much easier for people like me to save money. They have plans that let you pay as you go, and it is much easier for me to get everyone in the family a phone.

The phone plans that people like me get at FreedomPop are very easy to manage because they are all so cheap. We get all of them on one bill, but we also are able to save money because we are using the free 4G wireless they offer. It is a nice wifi service that helps us connect all our devices, and it makes our lives much easier. We have been trying to make plans that would help us all get the phones we need, and that is why I went with FreedomPop.

This have made my life pretty easy, and they have made it so that we can save money while also being productive. I have always wanted to use something that was cheaper and more productive, and now I can get it all through one company. I have used the free plan in the past, and now I can use the paid plans with everyone in the family who needs a phone.

I’m Completely Sold On My FreedomPop Services


I’ve learned the hard way to read the fine print when it comes to my wireless services because my last company cheated me in a big way without me knowing about it. Instead of sending me official paperwork through the mail, I got a text message as well as an email that stated that my prices were going to be much higher whenever I used data on my phone. I always disregard my emails and tend to ignore text messages from numbers I don’t know, so I learned about the higher prices when I got a huge bill in the mail for my extra data usage.

I didn’t wait to switch over to FreedomPop, and FreedomPop was my first choice because of the reviews that I read about them. I chose to read through a FreedomPop review because I didn’t want to be tricked like I was with the other company, but what I read was truly impressive. I learned that the company had some low prices that I couldn’t find anywhere else because no one else had the $20 unlimited plans.

The speed of my data was no big deal, so when my speeds slowed to 3G after I used up the 4G data, I was still very happy with the speeds, and I hardly noticed any difference. One of the biggest ways I use my data is with my GPS, especially since I like to travel the roads every weekend to go to new and unexplored places. I find that the many places I go to will still give me good phone service, which is not something I can say about my previous cell phone service provider.

I had recently learned about the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop, and I was all in and download the application as well as paying the five dollar fee. I couldn’t believe the lightning fast speeds at which I was able to upload pictures, videos, and download content on the Wi-Fi service. I could go to so many different places in one city and still get the Wi-Fi service, so I chose to keep paying for the service every month.

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FreedomPop’s New Venture

Technology is continually advancing at a high rate with different developments coming up every day. Cell phones are especially a huge focus of advancement since the greater percentage of the world uses one. With mobile phones come service providers and mobile virtual network operators. FreedomPop is one of these virtual network operators. Having been founded in 2011 in L.A, it has been operating in the USA from then and recently in the UK. FreedomPop has been providing free services including messaging, data and call minutes. Its next step is to provide free use of the WhatsApp messaging application to customers.
According to Venture Beat, WhatsApp will be free irrespective of the user’s data allowance. This new service is set first to begin in Spain as the country is one of the biggest markets for FreedomPop. Other network providers have tried to offer the same service for WhatsApp but have not been very successful. Keeping this in mind FreedomPop is using a different approach to its service.
The move to provide zero rated access involves offering free service by paying the data bill themselves. FreedomPop offers free packages like 200MB data, 200 text messages and 200 call minutes and free roaming in around 31 countries. These are some of the moves the company is using to grow since offering free services is more likely to help gain paying customers. Read up on this review of FreedomPop:

FreedomPop’s Road to Expansion

FreedomPop was founded in 2011, as a company that provides free mobile services including text and voice minutes to users in the United States and Europe. FreedomPop offers a number of different features including a high speed data and minutes plan that challenges other competitors. FreedomPop also allows you to enjoy the service without the commitment of signing a contract. You can also cancel your service at any time without worrying about fees. All phones sold by FreedomPop are put through a number of different damage and functionality tests to ensure that the phones are in working condition.

Recently as reported on RCR Wireless, FreedomPop shared news about expansion. FreedomPop runs on a service provided by Sprint. Over the last year, FreedomPop has generated over a million dollars in funding that has helped with the company’s domestic and international plans for expansion.

FreedomPop Chief Executive Officer Stephen Stokols believes that his company is appealing to investors because they have seen the success of the company so far, as well as the potential for lucrative international expansion. FreedomPop’s mass appeal continues to grow monthly.

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