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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Modest Proposals to Achieve Best Photos

Panama is an exciting city full of remarkable tourist and business destinations. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur who believes that Panama achieves its distinguished name because of its modern and technologically advanced innovations. Businessman Figueroa has been the Chief Executive Officer of many Panama Firms. He advises visitors from all over the world to take a tour to the city and explore the historic sites the city has to offer. Adrian thinks that Panama has much to offer. Figueroa gives proposals on how visitors can employ their Smartphone cameras to achieve exceptional images while touring the magnificent city.

Cleaning the Smartphone Lens
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa argues that the first place to start when trying accurate pictures is cleaning the Smartphone camera lens. The lens often becomes dirty and may cause blurry images. It is reasonable to give the lens a quick wipe down to sweep away any dust or dirt every time you need to take a picture.

Exercising the Volume Shutter for Selfies or Touch-to-Capture
It is very common to drop the phone as you try to touch the capture button when taking a standard selfie. Figueroa advises you to enable the touch-to-capture function on that makes the whole phone screen a trigger that can’t be missed. The expert also advises you to employ the volume controls depending on the type of device. It is easier to locate the volume controls on the phone sides.

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Take Photos in Landscape
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa observes that most people are accustomed to the traditional 16:9 portrait media consequence formats. However, portrait photos often tend to look awkward. Pictures are always enhanced in landscape mode if there is an imperative reason for taller shots.

Stay away from using the flash
Figueroa says that flash functions work best during emergencies. You can employ natural light to light up pictures on Facebook. Natural light makes pictures to look ordinary and natural. Most flashlights are often located close to the lens. They can be unpleasant and cause glaring effects. You can boost the ISO and exposure value of the camera in case of insufficient natural light.

Make use of the HDR Mode
High dynamic range (HDR) is an immense method of taking photos of stationary objects. This process ensures that the shadows and lighting in photos are evenly exposed. This is necessary for high contrast photos. HDR mode shoots multiple varying exposure pictures at the same time and then merges the brightest parts into a single picture.

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