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People With Interrupted Sleep Often suffer From Weight Gain, Depression, Heart Diseases, says Neurocore

Neurocore has established that there is a big link between a person’s sleeping pattern and their mental health. According to Neurocore, many people who do not have enough sleep end up having depression, anxiety, memory loss, visual impairment, adding weight, cancer, and even serious cardiovascular complications. In the U.S alone, over 60% of adults have very serious interrupted sleeping patterns. While many people may blame tight working schedule, Neurocore says a lot more is involved.

The journal said that annually, Americans use an estimated $16 billion in paying bills for mental disorders. These bills may be prescribed medications, official and professional consultations, and over the counter drugs. Poor sleep has also been linked to poor work productivity. When an individual does not have sufficient sleep, they tend to come to work while tired and when the right time comes, the person falls asleep on the desk.

One of the worst conditions of having troubled sleep is the loss of memory. According to Neurocore, human beings go through Rapid Eye Movement (REM) when they are asleep. During this natural cycle, the brain tries to package stuff that was learnt before the person fell asleep. In a full REM, the person has the ability to remember many or all things they knew before they slept. However, if one does not attain a full Rapid Eye Movement (REM), perhaps because his/her sleep was interrupted or has a disorder, they will not remember many things when they wake up.

Sleep Disorders

Neiorocore argues that most of the people who have interrupted sleep suffer from at least one of the following three sleep disorders:


Insomnia is characterized by the inability of an individual to catch sleep. Even if they fall asleep, people suffering from insomnia do not stay long before they wake up. In most cases, they will be lying on the bed.

Sleep Apnea

In this state, an individual finds it rough to fall asleep because they are unable to breathe properly. In sleep apnea, the throat is either partially or fully blocked.


This sleeping disorder is defined by the blurring or covering the boundary between sleep and wakefulness thus, one stays awake throughout.


An Interview with Yanni Hufnagel

Back in 2013, former assistant head coach for Harvard University sat down with Molly Parr to have a short interview. She first asked him about his new job since leaving Harvard University. He replied that he was going to Vanderbilt University. He also added that he was looking forward to going into the great city of Nashville and enjoying the weather. He also liked the recent success Vanderbilt has had sending players to the NBA. He also likes the fact that every game the team plays will be televised for people to watch. He said that it was hard to say goodbye to the players at Harvard University. With that in mind, he is proud of his accomplishments in Harvard and is glad he was able to work for Harvard University for 4 years. The next question Parr asks is: What does he look for in a player? Hufnagel notes that there are three key aspects he looks for in a player: are they coachable, are they someone he would like to be around, and lastly are they winners? He stated that he typically finds these things out during a conversation over the phone. Parr told him that many people consider him to be one of the top recruiters in collegiate basketball. He replied to that saying that he is always honored to hear that but he likes to stay humble. Molly then asked him if there is a trick to winning with players other recruiters have passed over and if there is Moneyball in basketball. Hufnagel mentions that the game has changed and that analysis has changed the way we look at the game. Hufnagel also says that basketball is a fluid sport compared to baseball. Finally, to close the interview Molly asks Yanni if he can dunk. Yanni replies saying that he cannot dunk and is a much better shooter and that he would rather pass the ball one of the better shooters on the team.