Diversity as Guide for Success


John Goullet has experience working in Information Technology since 1994. He worked as a consultant and an employee for IT staffing.

Start of a New Company

Across two decades, Goullet succeeded in large firms. Info Technologies, an IT company responsible for helping Fortune 500 companies expand as a business, was managed by him. The company gained almost $30 million in revenue during five years and was considered a fast-growing private firm. In 2010, John collaborated with Gene C. Waddy, CEO of Diversant inc., to create DIVERSANT LLC. by merging the Gene’s company with Info Technologies.

Recent News of Diversant

Giving Back to Arizona

John and Diversant witnessed many families with financial struggles. Therefore, the Arizona office of the Company decided to donate resources to children at a local school.

Veterans Sharing the Glory

Last year, the Veterans in the company were acknowledged for their services and commitment to the nation. They also assisted many clients by using their technology and project management skills learned in the military. Several veterans shared insights from their experience and how they benefited from the process.

Multicultural Reception

Several Iowa staffing professionals attended a multicultural reception in Des Moines during June. Shannon Swenson, an accountant manager and Stephanie Fatino, a recruiter, had the opportunity to enjoy the social event. They became acquainted with professionals, community leaders and organizations that advocated interactions through ethnically diverse communities.


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  1. Monica Xzavier July 5, 2017

    This consists of food and other necessities that their families can’t provide for them. 17 children received presents and other items. It should have been easy for assignment helper to understand the real deal behind all of this too.

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