FreedomPop’s New Venture

Technology is continually advancing at a high rate with different developments coming up every day. Cell phones are especially a huge focus of advancement since the greater percentage of the world uses one. With mobile phones come service providers and mobile virtual network operators. FreedomPop is one of these virtual network operators. Having been founded in 2011 in L.A, it has been operating in the USA from then and recently in the UK. FreedomPop has been providing free services including messaging, data and call minutes. Its next step is to provide free use of the WhatsApp messaging application to customers.
According to Venture Beat, WhatsApp will be free irrespective of the user’s data allowance. This new service is set first to begin in Spain as the country is one of the biggest markets for FreedomPop. Other network providers have tried to offer the same service for WhatsApp but have not been very successful. Keeping this in mind FreedomPop is using a different approach to its service.
The move to provide zero rated access involves offering free service by paying the data bill themselves. FreedomPop offers free packages like 200MB data, 200 text messages and 200 call minutes and free roaming in around 31 countries. These are some of the moves the company is using to grow since offering free services is more likely to help gain paying customers. Read up on this review of FreedomPop:

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  1. Joseph Hale December 29, 2016

    Instead of forming a partnership with either WhatsApp or Facebook it is venturing on its own. WhatsApp is the most known messaging app in Spain hence launching the service there will help gain ground. I could also see that superiorpaper do have a lot of these things in mind and also to make sure that everything happens according to plan.

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