FreedomPop’s Road to Expansion

FreedomPop was founded in 2011, as a company that provides free mobile services including text and voice minutes to users in the United States and Europe. FreedomPop offers a number of different features including a high speed data and minutes plan that challenges other competitors. FreedomPop also allows you to enjoy the service without the commitment of signing a contract. You can also cancel your service at any time without worrying about fees. All phones sold by FreedomPop are put through a number of different damage and functionality tests to ensure that the phones are in working condition.

Recently as reported on RCR Wireless, FreedomPop shared news about expansion. FreedomPop runs on a service provided by Sprint. Over the last year, FreedomPop has generated over a million dollars in funding that has helped with the company’s domestic and international plans for expansion.

FreedomPop Chief Executive Officer Stephen Stokols believes that his company is appealing to investors because they have seen the success of the company so far, as well as the potential for lucrative international expansion. FreedomPop’s mass appeal continues to grow monthly.

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  1. Joseph Hale November 2, 2016

    The new influx of cash is important because it allowed FreedomPop to keep its independent status. There were rumors last year of FreedomPop being part of a potential acquisition. It can also show that essay on time have done a lot of things possible for us too.

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