How Mike Baur Aims At Helping Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is the brains behind founding an innovative company; Swiss Startup Factory. For some years, Mike has been in charge of overseeing the firm’s operations as the company aims at helping other entrepreneurs succeed and reach higher levels of their career. Swiss Startup Factory is also known for providing financial support and mentorship to business to assist them to reach their goals with ease. Being the entrepreneur he is, Mike Baur has been active in the investment industry. For a number of years, Mike has invested heavily in startup companies. Mike can identify a startup firm that has potential to grow and develop. Through investing in these startup companies, he gains the required experience and knowledge regarding startup companies that he used to co-found his business. It was easy for him to begin his business as he had learned over the years what potential start-up organizations have.

At the early years of his career, Mike was working in the banking sector where he would assist businesses to acquire the needed funding and enlightenment that will help them manage their business and finances better. After some years of gaining experience in the banking industry, Baur decided to start Swiss Startup Factory. The core reason for starting the company was to capitalize on a large number of startups in Switzerland. Considering his experience with startup firms, it was easy for Mike to lead his company to success. To ensure his company was always in front, Baur decided to employ the one business model that he believed was of help. This model includes holding events where entrepreneurs get a chance of attending and explaining their ideas of activities, and later Mike evaluates all the ideas and later chooses those that have the potential of succeeding. Those that are selected as the best will go through mentoring, coaching, advisement and financing to help their ideas come to life.

Swiss Startup Factory is responsible for assisting various companies through giving them advice on what they can do for the firm to achieve its goals. Every business aims at attaining a particular goal, and Swiss Startup Factory understands how important it is for every business to accomplish its goals. Swiss aims at helping firms manage debts, increase revenue while lowering the costs. With all these assistance, businesses, are in a position of maximizing their operation efficiency thus succeed, Mike believes that through Swiss Startup Factory, many companies will continue growing and developing.



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