How OSI Group Has Focused on its Growth

OSI Group is a food and beverages processor that has been recognized as the 66th most profitable business in the industry. The Forbes magazine acknowledged it as one of the leading companies on the planet. OSI was started in 1909, and at that time, it only served a small market. The company is managed from Aurora, Illinois. It has currently grown to cover international markets, and it has more than 20,000 employees. The enterprise is dedicated to satisfying the varying needs of its clients, and therefore, it offers a wide array of products that include hot dogs, fish, bacon, pizza, poultry, vegetable products, and meat patties.

The administration of OSI is headed by Sheldon Lavin, who is its current CEO. He has managed the enterprise efficiently and has led it to grow to different countries across the globe. The Vision World Academy awarded him for his distinguished service at the company. Sheldon was a renowned expert in the finance field before joining the company. OSI now owns about 60 processing units that are based in 16 countries.

The company is known for its dedication towards making investments that are essential to its development. OSI Group been planning to acquire a Chicago-based top food processing units. One of the firm’s administrators, Kevin Scott, believes OSI will be able to increase its productivity by purchasing the processing plant. Many aspects have facilitated the growth of the company, and they include its dedication to fulfilling the varying demands of the clients.

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OSI Group purchased Baho Food as one of its plans to reach more clients internationally. The main offices of the company are based in Netherlands, and it also manages various branches in Germany. The factories that are owned by the firm are Henri van de Bilt, Bakx Foods, Gelderland Frischwaren, Vital Convenience, and Q Smart Life. The products that it has specialized in producing are deli meats, snacks, and other convenience foods. The market performance of the company is outstanding since it has managed to cover more than 18 countries in Europe.

The CEO of OSI Group is David G. McDonalds. He believes that Baho Food will assist the firm to gain many clients in Europe as well as boost the product portfolio of the company. Customers of the OSI Group will be able to have a wide variety of brands that are offered by the enterprise. The firm hired the MD of Baho Food to be part of its management.

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