Malcolm CasSelle: Gaming Industry Kindles the World of Cryptocurrency

Malcolm CasSelle is the current CIO is OPSkins, which is the international leader in sales of in-game virtual assets and also a number one bitcoin merchant on earth. With the millions of users across the globe who regularly make overseas micro-payments, the firm is a leading contestant regarding the size of the market and how bad the users want a decentralized protocol. Nevertheless, even though the OPSkins is the prime centralized marketplace for virtual products, there are restraints to the technological abilities of a centralized technology. This makes the decentralized marketplace for virtual products the subsequent step in the development.

The designers of OPSkins are planning to launch a new blockchain system for the trading of virtual products known as World Assets exchange (WAX). WAX is the leading Peer to Peer marketplace for virtual products trading created on the basis of blockchain and agreements which are organised. The system lets virtual asset traders transact effectively. WAX is a platform that strives to solve two major problems encountered in the virtual asset marketplace which includes scams and fragmentation.

Additionally, WAX comes with a blockchain that strives in solving fraud in the virtual product’s marketplace. Due to its nature, the virtual goods marketplace is predominant with numerous security issues and fraud. In most cases, traders of centralized goods suffer from the receipt of incomplete products or delivery problems on the side of the seller and these are issues that can be solved by blockchain only. With the centralized market fields, a surplus of mediators is required to help in stopping or avoiding fraud. However, this is an expensive approach since it increases the cost of the virtual asset.

Even though OPSkin has done a remarkable task of alleviating these problems, the sale of virtual goods must be accomplished by smart contract to assure the product is delivered.

The primary goal of WAX is to solve massive fraud issues in the virtual goods sectors and does this as they eliminate the requirement of mediators.

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