Miki Agrawal Has Done Many Things

Some people like to stick to certain subjects. Others find lots of things interesting. Miki Agrawal falls firmly in to the second category. She is comfortable working on many varied roles. For her, life can take people in many directions. She wants to follow them as well as finding her own path. Miki Agrawal is also someone who has explored many possibilities. She’s done lots of varied activities and found success in many of them.


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Of all the actions she’s taken, it is perhaps her work as a serial social entrepreneur that has been her most successful. She’s earned many kudos for her ability to spot trends and bring new ideas to life. She likes looking at the world in entirely new way and wants others to have the same ability. That is why she has founded lots of types of companies over the course of her long career.

Many Ideas

There are many things that Miki Agrawal has done to provide the world with new ideas and concepts. She is the person behind an idea known as WILD. WILD is about providing people with access to high quality pizza that is made from entirely fresh ingredients. This is one idea that has taken off. She has three locations with more that are in the planning right now. Another concept that she has brought to life is THINX.

This is an that is all about helping women when they have their periods. It can be hard for women to find underwear that allows them to feel comfortable. She was able to be a major part of the process of bringing it to market. In doing so, she earned the respect of her peers. She also earned a great deal of money when she chose to sell the company.

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