New Plant Project- Wes Edens

New Fortress Energy is the leading oil and gas companies in the United States. In a recent announcement, the company announced that its new project to construct and operate an offshore liquefied natural gas terminal in the Gulf of Mexico was about to begin. The project is to be located 16 miles off the coast of Louisiana, and it aims to export 145 bn cubic feet of natural gas per year, equal to 2.8m tones per annum. The main of New Fortress is to supply additional liquefied natural gas in capacities for the European Union to the European nations to end reliance on Russian relic fuels and supply a lower-carbon alternative to oil-based fuels.


 According to Wes Eden, the Chief Executive Officer of New Fortress, this is a big step the oil and gas organization has taken to expand its liquefied natural gas portfolio, including both tolling liquefaction for high creditworthy partners and market volumes from our merchant asset. The natural gas company plans to start its operation in the first quarter of 2023 after getting all the required permits and approval from the involved bodies.


 When the company was sharing the news with the world, Wes Edens mentioned that the project would help enable more energy efficiency, cost-saving, and emissions reductions as it displaces fossils fuels. Through its Vice President Sam Abdalla, the firm said that it’s proud to have deployed the first of its kind ISOFlex System at its terminal in Baja California Sur. The new project will help the company deliver acute energy infrastructure and logistics solutions much more quickly and less expensive to Europe countries. The new project is has added an advantage to customers who will now be able to significantly reduce emissions and costs by switching from oil-based fuels to natural gas in the region.