One of The Oldest and Most Valuable Asset to Capital Group

Timothy D. Armour is the current chief executive officer of Capital Group Companies. His successful career started after graduating from Middlebury College where he graduated with a bachelors in economics. At first, he started off as a participant in the company, however his hard work and his unique skills were recognized and he was appointed as the equity investment analyst. From there he was made the assistant chairman. In 2015, when the company lost their chairman James Rothenberg, he was elected as the new chief executive. The succession was underway, however was made formalized with the tragic death of the former chairman. He has diligently worked for the company for close to thirty three years and thus be one of the most valuable persons in the company. Tim believes that through working together with his colleagues, Capital Group will continue looking out for the investors and ensure that the company’s operations are strategic.

Tim has been in this industry for so many years and his views are greatly appreciated by investors. He reveals that the economy of the nation is stagnant and will continue as such for the next few years. This leaves the Federal Reserve no choice but to raise the interests rates. This leaves the investors no choice but do whatever they have to do for their businesses so as to ensure that they still enjoy economies of scale. He also adds that the Capital Group gets its strength from the overall talents that the company has and will continue to nurture them.

Capital Group has established strategic partnerships in the last years which puts the company at an upper hand in the investment industry. Recently, the company formed a strategic partnership with Samsung Asset Management Company that has its headquarters in Korea. Capital Group has a role to provide the necessary information for the company on how to handle their business management. The partnership is meant to benefit their investors in terms of savings and other benefits.

Tim Armour’s election and continued efforts to the company have been recognized not only by the company but also the media. A report by Yang points out the achievements that Tim has made to the company. She believes that the company has achieved its great success and his global admiration due to the committed leaders who have been in the company for a long time. Some of these leaders according to Yang include Tim, Kopcho and Lovelace.

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