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SILVER BISMARCK PALM TREES FOR SALE CAPE CORAL How To Care For The Silver Bismarck Palm Bismarck palms are quite hardy trees once established, and can obtain a heigh. The Bismarck palm we offer for sale has a single smooth truck with wide fronds that form a spherical crown. When young they have a grey trunk which is relatively rough but is gets smooth as it matures. The Areka palm trees are also among the tress found for sale, and they have an overall height of eight to ten meters. They are for sale at a price of $120.00. Looking for Silver Bismarckia palms? Palmco has a wide selection of Foxtails, Royals, Adonidias, Arecas, and Pure Silvers that are suitable for any sized landscaping project. Contact Florida's premiere wholesaler of palm trees today! The wide-reaching fronds of the Bismarck Palm not only provide an ideal look, but are also great for blocking unsightly views, areas around pools or fences with openings or exposure. The Bismarck Palm is a fast-growing palm native to Madagascar that has transported into the. The Silver Bismarck Palm is loved by many people love its fan shape and unique silvery blue coloring. Its dramatic shape always adds a touch of unique elegance to landscaping projects. You can order this and other wonderful palms from Palmco. As a south Florida native we grow some of the best trees. Give us a call at 239 283-1329.

Native of the island of Madagascar, here is a palm that will get lots of attention with its canopy of silvery-leafed fronds and wide trunk. This popular rendition of the palm genus could be the “show-off,” with a spot of its own, to reign over your lawn. The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, silvery-blue, circular, fan-shaped leaves and a tall, columnar trunk. In seedlings and young plants, the leaves are tinged with an unreal purple-red color. Bismarckia develops fairly quickly into a large and st. An evergreen, drought tolerant palm tree, the Bismarck Palm thrives in full sun environments and requires low to moderate water once established. It's a fast-growing palm tree with unique colors that can bring a tropical splash to any landscape in the Southwest. Its large and wide canopy can create shade when needed for a relaxing tropical.

The "nobilis" in its name means noble - a perfect description of this formal and massive palm. A silver bismarck needs plenty of space where its bright color and sheer size won't overwhelm the house or landscape. It's too much palm for a smaller property or home - making a. Silver Bismarck Palm Bismarckia nobilis - Stunning silver / blue color fan palm fronds that can reach 10' in diameter. This is considered a treasure amongst jungle and tropical enthusiasts. Is very hardy and loves lots of sun. Mature,they provide huge canopies and shade. Bottle palm is a clean, slow growing palm tree. Perfect for areas around pools because it doesn't "shed" its leaves. starting at $49.95. more info. Saw Palmetto, Silver. Saw Palmetto is a native palm to Florida that stays low and shrubby. This is the silver variety. They. starting at $24.95. more info.

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