Squaw Valley Statement

Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has a very simple message for the general public and their highly valued loyal customers. It is a statement about the water quality when it comes to Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. The meaning behind the message is a simple one its tone has the ring of truth it. Actually, the statement has a matter of fact logic and presents a rationally concise explanation to past events tantamount to a misunderstanding in public relations.


First of all, Squaw Valley establishes a timeline and location in regards to the subject matter at hand. It turns out everything got started sometime in the month of October around the Placer County. To put things simply, Mother Nature occasionally gives mankind a lesson on the subject of her force. On this particular occasion, the lesson plan comes in the form of unsuspected heavy rains. In Squaw Valley, a recently improved water system located in High Camp and Gold Coast proves to be just a bit unprepared. This is an isolated instance that only applies to that construct. Because of the timing and location of these events, there is no evidence of a there ever being a threat to the public’s drinking resulting from the storm.


There are two crucial points that Squaw Valley wants the public to know concerning their responsible reaction to this turn of events. Their organization has established protocols in place for handling unforeseen emergencies such as what happened in Placer County. Moreover, this company always follows through with their own policies and procedures of course. Finally, the records shows that without any delay Placer County Environmental Health was made aware of the situation at hand. Not only is the health department on the list of institutions contacted, so is the Squaw Valley Public service District. In closing, the collaborative efforts of all parties involved hold the safety of their community as a paramount priority, despite what the local newspaper has to say for shock and awe value.

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