The Contribution of George Soros and the Conservative War against him

In October this year, George Soros surprised everyone with his mammoth contribution of $18 to his philanthropic group called Open Society Foundations. While this made a majority of people happy, a small section of people was really shocked by the news. They were conservative groups and theorists who are known to have long-term enmity towards George Soros. Everyone knows that the conservative groups clash with Soros on various policies and attack his stands on various issues as he is an active proponent of liberal ideas, which is always in contrast to conservative ideologies. Also, Soros criticizes the flawed policies and divisive ideologies of conservatives through his campaigns, speeches, and writings.

The Atlantic confirmed that the right wing theorists are in a hurry to demonize him especially in the wake of the recent contribution news. They were plotting him as the master brain for all the major protests against the Federal government post-election. Strangely, right-wing legislatures like Roy Moore have even said that the sexual assault case was due to Soros paid money to a woman. Ridiculous theories are never-ending, and more and more stories come from the conservative ends. It was always a safe option for conservatives to picture Soros as someone who has enormous control and power over financial markets, which is easier to make people believe due to the majority of his wealth is generated from the risky currency trades.

Though he attained such stature a few times in the past, the world financial market is extremely large compared to the total wealth of Soros or his firm and much beyond the point of he can make any significant influence in it. The market analysts know this better, but people who are less acquainted with the financial market might believe the stories of the conservatives. There is a general perception that creating stories to demonize people who are incredibly active in the philanthropic world might discourage other philanthropists as well in future. Conservative groups should note that petty political differences should not create barriers in the way of building and be shaping the society.

George Soros is aware of the current day threats to the open society concept. Almost two decades back, he wrote that the laissez-faire capitalism is making the biggest threats to the concept in the recent years. The entry of market values into human lives are dangering the democratic and open society. To arrive this conclusion, especially after the fall of communism, Soros took a break from the profession and gone through studies and research for almost six years.

Soros began his life journey from the capital of Hungary, Budapest, in 1930. After the Nazi invasion and Second World, his family moved to England, and Soros started his college education at London School of Economics. After graduation, George Soros decided to move to New York and began the career as a stockbroker in the American capital markets. His initial success encouraged him to establish Soros Fund Management an investment management firm based on hedge funds – in the early 1970s. His gained significant success, and that helped him to found OSF since the early 1990s.

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