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Being one of the most interesting sports to bet on because of its high points tally and quick score fluctuation, NBA betting is only second to NFL as the biggest and most popular sport in the sports gaming industry. With over eight regular season games for every NBA team, there are plenty of opportunities to wager on NBA compared to football. If you are up for the challenge, I recommend you visit to place your bets. Before you do so, read the following NBA betting guide.
As far as NBA betting is concerned, bettors have 3 types of betting options to look at.

Money line

Money line bets are rather simple- gamblers choose which team they think will run away victorious. Forecasting an upset and placing your bet on the underdog is a sure way of reaping big dividends with money line bets.

Point spread

Many bettors gambling on NBA odds prefer to use the point spread. When you wager on the point spread, you’re simply betting on a number of points your team may win or lose by. Indeed, point spread betting may make the most one-sided game exciting. You can bet on the underdog team not to lose by 15 points, or bet on the defending champion to win by 20 points. Point spread bet lines are denoted by the use of (+) or (-) symbols.

Totals (Over/Under)

Another popular betting option in NBA betting is betting on the totals. Basically, the bookmaker will set a given total number according to how they assume the game will go. To wager on NBA totals, you can either go for Under or Over option if you think that a number of points in the game will be under or over the bookmaker’s set total.

If you’re looking for hefty payouts or extra entertainment value to your bets, you can consider the following NBA bets offered on


To place a parlay bet, you must choose a minimum of 2 totals, the point spread bets or money line and merge them into one single bet. Both selections must win for you to get a payout.


Similar to parlay bets, teasers require that all your wagers end up being correct for you to get a payout. You have the option of changing the totals lines or point spread to reduce your risk.

Live betting

Live betting is growing rapidly in NBA betting. as an example offers live betting option, which allows you to place your bets even as the games unfold on the court in front of your smartphones, tablet or computer.

Armed with the information as mentioned above regarding your NBA betting options, the ensuing question is where do you place your bets? Well, has got you covered. Operating round-the-clock, features NBA match odds, live scores, and updated sportsbook lines. Don’t bother going elsewhere.

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