Yves Mirabaud, Wealth manager

Since 2012, Yves Mirabaud has served as senior associate of Mirabaud Group, a Geneva-based wealth manager that his family started. At the end of the previous year, Mirabaud handled 34.9 billion Swiss francs ($37 billion).

Geneva-trained foreign affairs student Yves Mirabaud entered the institution in 1993 and was advanced to operating partner three years later. The Swiss banker started his professional life working for numerous companies in Boston. Geneva, Zurich and New York.

The Operating Associates of the Group represent governance consistent with the enterprising spirit and values that have made Yves Mirabaud, a reputable and respected leader in the industry.

They are intimately invested in the Group’s vision as founders and executives, and they assure that their customers’ funds are administered with much the same love and consideration for succession as the business itself. You can trust Mirabaud because of its dedication and integrity.

According to Swiss law, the business is set up as a partnership firm with shareholding since it is managed by the Directing Members, who are legally responsible for its obligations. Mirabaud SCA is in charge of all business operations. Additionally, the Firm has Equity Partners who play managerial duties and contribute to business growth.

It is because we’ve had a substantial level of participation with ESG and intend to keep advising it. The financial Firm’s perception as a contributor to and concerned with environmental issues occasionally irritates me. I firmly believe that institutions can contribute to the answer.

The United States Bank is accountable for managing investor funds toward cutting-edge innovation that can lessen the effect of climate change. We are in a great position and have a big part to play.

This assessment might sound right in light of 2019 and 2018, which saw record-breaking income. We rank 2020 as one of the five best years in our 200-year experience, with delightful outcomes, even though the events surrounding COVID-19 demand tolerance. A 15% return on capital is conceivable. See this article for more information.


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