Overview of Advanzia Bank

Advanzia Bank of Funds is one of the most dynamic blanks in many investments world. These funds are for those who want to earn significant returns on their investment without paying a single dime. They also enable investors to simultaneously take advantage of the rising and declining markets with minimal […]

NJ Ayuk

NJ Ayuk is an independent subsidiary of The Newcom Group of Companies. The company was founded to proactively contribute to Africa’s development through Energy Advocacy, Strategic Planning & Consultancy Services. The company is currently focused on developing the African Energy Sector and providing advisory services to national and international organizations […]

Jason Hope Discusses Promising Advances in Longevity Research

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist with a keen interest in the intersection of healthcare and technology, recently discussed the latest breakthroughs in longevity research. According to the activist investor, scientists are making significant progress in identifying the cellular mechanisms contributing to aging and developing interventions that could extend the […]

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is a vegan, sustainable food company providing delicious and healthy meals to consumers for over 30 years. The company was founded by Andy and Rachel Berliner, who was inspired to start the business after the birth of their daughter, Amy. The couple was looking for a way to […]