The Tragic Symphony of Silence and Suffering

In the echoing chambers of justice, the somber melodies of anguish reverberate with an almost haunting insistence. They plead for acknowledgment, resound with fury and, sometimes, end in a whisper of hope. One cannot help but be consumed by the sheer weight of R. Kelly’s recently exposed actions and the […]

Scott Berkowitz and RAINN: An Unusual Strategy for Combating Hidden Threats

In a culture where sports often overshadow most other concerns, one organization, under the leadership of Scott Berkowitz, dared to diverge from the narrative at football’s biggest game in Phoenix. Most eyes were glued to the field, the cheers, the spectacle—but Berkowitz had a different focus. The Rape, Abuse & […]

  RAINN has Been Providing Assistance for Survivors For Some Time

RAINN, the United States’ largest anti-sexual violence organization, has welcomed the latest verdict against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein was found guilty of both rape and sexual assault in a New York City court in February 2020 and an additional count of sexual assault in California on September 6th, 2021. The organization […]