Doug Haynes Contributions as a Philanthropist Dedicated to Poverty and Veterans Organizations

DoughDoug Haynes is currently serving as a managing partner of a business consulting firm, the Council Advisors. He is also President of the Council Advisors’ executive leadership-based practice, The Council.

Before joining McKinsey & Company in 1992 after a numerous and interesting professional positions. Before joining McKinsey, he worked as a design engineer, a software developer for the Central Intelligence Agency, and a marketing professional at GE Plastics. He was also President of Point 72 Asset Management. During his four years of service, he was featured as outperforming peer competitors. He worked hard on this firm’s SEC license restoration. Haynes was also the mastermind credited with beginning the firm’s venture capital division. He also led the most remarkable round of capital raising at that time.

The Center for Global Enterprise is a not-for-profit organization that also named Haynes as one of its founding board members. This organization is committed to promoting effective leadership.

Doug Haynes places a high priority on technology start-up companies and is a leader for many of these organizations. He has served on the boards of start-ups that include ChainIQ, FRISCO, VEGA FACTOR Management, and Obsidian Asset Management. In addition to its role in technology, Obsidian is also a valuable resource as a commercial real estate investment.

As a philanthropist for veterans’ support and causes of poverty-fighting, his charitable interests are mirrored in board memberships. Doug Haynes is a founding board member of Cohen Veteran’s Robin Hood Foundation in New York, Cohen Veteran’s Network, and Camp Southern Ground in Georgia.