Nashvox Studio Founder Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur based in California, having a natural rich of entrepreneurial skills, marketing, and consultancy. Following his completion of studies in 2003, he began working hands-on with insurance companies and was given a duty to help them design their marketing strategies. Almost two decades at the moment, Krishen Iyer now runs the firm on MAIS Consulting, whereby he has partnered with some companies from the insurance industries on distribution. 


Through these partnerships, the successful business consultant has been entitled to lead his team of experts in guiding clients in simplifying their digital marketing strategies. The formation of MAIS Consultant began when the founder Krishen Iyer sold all the services benefits, a national leader in leading marketing and contracting services. 


This sale occurred in the early 2000, when MAIS was launched. Led by Krishen Iyer, MAIS appears well-positioned to assist other countries in achieving the same success. Affordable Act Care, ACA, MAIS, and it’s evenly distributed look to be industry leaders in the navigation of the share market, placement, and enrollment in the Affordable Act of Care. 


Led by Krishen Iyer, MAIS quickly, thus becoming the fastest–growing organization in the segment; MAIS IS POTENTIALLY TRYING TO identify funding, thus offering continued growth. Nashvox Studio expanded its leadership style in April 2021 to include the business expert as the minority owner and an advisor. Lyer brings many years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and business consultant to Nashvox. 

He and the existing team of Nashvox will help steer the studio by implementing new plans for future growth. In conclusion, Krishen Iyer feels very confident in making the vision video recording more accessible to the masses. It helps provide locals and other tourists an opportunity to record favorite songs, having sound professional engineers. Visitors usually give the best scenery experiences of industrial experts.