Understanding Color Combinations with Stitch Fix

Many people find it hard to know the color combinations to wear on different occasions. While most choose to play safe, very few people seek to explore the beauty of color in clothes. However, Stitch Fix can help you understand how to coordinate your clothes for diversity in your choices. 


According to experts in color psychology at the Stitch Fix, various shades can speak volumes about your emotions and what you want to convey. Cool tones portray peace, while warmer ones provoke energy. Therefore, as you consider your skin tone and occasion, you must also consider what image you want to display. 


Basics in this area require understanding the color wheel. Tones that are close together can work together and bring out a cool combo. However, Stitch fix blog keeps on, opposites can also complement each other and give you a stunning outfit. When considering women’s clothing, not all clothes combine, especially since one has to rhyme with the occasion. 


Every female’s closet needs black, white, gray, beige, and brown clothes since they are the easiest to pair. They even match with complex colors that many people avoid wearing. Nevertheless, Stitch Fix fashion blog suggests, it is crucial that one remembers to limit the number of colors to three per outfit. Anything exceeding that becomes too much. 

When you have an outdoor fun time, you can blend the bold and the calm to bring out that adventurous picture. However, you can also go for dark combos when going for an official meeting, like an interview. The trick is to play around with the color wheel to decide whether you want to go bold or calm. Stitch Fix makes it easier for you by explaining the standard colors and how to outfit them.