Tom Keane: Revolutionizing Azure Space

Tom Keane is the Corporate Vice President of Azure Global at Microsoft and has driven innovation in Azure Space. With his leadership, Microsoft has made several advancements and partnerships to enable individuals and organizations to achieve more on and off the planet. 


In this article, we will discuss how Tom Keane is revolutionizing Azure Space and how it is transforming the space industry.


Azure Orbital


Azure Orbital is revolutionizing Satellite Communication. One of Tom Keane’s notable contributions is Azure Orbital, now in preview. This service enables individuals and organizations to communicate with satellites using Microsoft’s owned and partnered ground stations worldwide without incurring backhaul costs into Azure. Moreover, it offers high reliability and resiliency, supporting various mission profiles. 

Microsoft Technology Expert Tom Keane

With Azure Orbital, the software developer and cloud services engineer Tom Keane from Microsoft Corporation states, customers can extract valuable insights from their satellite data at scale (Twitter).


SpaceEye and Project Turing: Enhancing Satellite Imagery

Another innovation in Azure Space is the development of SpaceEye. It generates daily cloud-free optical and multispectral imagery by combining radar data from the Sentinel-1 mission with historical optical imagery. Additionally, Microsoft’s Project Turing utilizes semantic super-resolution to increase the resolution of geospatial data, enhancing the human perception of overhead imagery. Tom Keane adds that these technological developments could revolutionize how satellite imagery is used and analyzed across various industries.